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January 2013 TTC

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Hi all. Thanks for helping to put my doctor's office comments in perspective. For them, it is a job. For me, it's my life. So of course it's magnified by 1,000 for me and I'm being super sensitive about anything that anyone says.

    I think it's also hard because we have told no one. It's so early, and this is so nerve-wracking. I know friends and family will be suportive and enthusiastic, but I'm not ready. I feel like I want to wait for the ultrasound first, even to tell close friends. It's not a guarantee of anything. I never had a u/s at 6 weeks with the other pregnancies, so who knows what it will show.

    WPP, I can't speak to breast implants. My natural ones are a bit swollen already and I feel like they are enormous (rationally I know they are not even close to enormous). It's good that you are waiting it out. If you do have a child, your body may change a lot. I have friends who never went back to their original cup size even when they lost weight elsewhere. And some of them were quite happy with that. So, you never know.

    Fakin, not sure what kind of cyst you are dealing with. I had ovarian cysts and even had one burst one time when I ovulated. I went to the emergency room thinking it was an appendicitis. I couldn't think of anything else that would just suddenly cause that much pain. They mostly went away on their own and I only had the dramatic bursting pain the one time. So I'm not sure what the difference is between that and what you are dealing with. I hope whatever you need to do is as painless as possible. Good luck!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Hibernian--Sorry you are dealing with insensitivity from your doctor's office.  I don't know why they are projecting so much negativity, because even though it's always a gamble, statistically you still have a good chance at a healthy pregnancy after three miscarriages.  (Especially since you had the RPL workup already if I recall correctly and they didn't find anything.)  A 6w u/s should usually show a gestational sac, yolk sac, and fetal pole, I believe.  Seeing a heartbeat is iffy at 6 weeks, but if they don't see it, I'm sure they'll schedule you to come back in a week or so and look again.  I had u/s at 5w and 7w with this pg.  

    FB--I had an ovarian cyst, but it didn't cause me any pain.  It was sort of an incidental finding my doc followed with u/s and MRI imaging, but at the end of the day it didn't really mean much clinically and there was no point to treating it.  However, she said if it became painful it would be another story.  Anyway, I hope you get some helpful answers this week from your doctors.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    I actually had to do my HSG twice - the first time, my cervix was stenotic and they couldn't get the catheter in, so I had to take some sort of mucus softening pill four hours before the procedure (dissolve in cheek, thank the lord because the other option did not sound appealing).  After the first attempt, I was terrified of how the second was going to go, but it wasn't awful.  Maybe because the first time was such a trainwreck, the actuality of it was just uncomfortable.  And the people at the hospital where I had it done where amazing.  So far, every doctor I've dealt with at my ob's office has been fantastic and I am so, so glad she broke with her old practice and went with this one.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    I also have had an HSG twice.  The first I had a slight blockage, which the dye was able to push through.  That was definitely painful, and quite a shock since I was expecting the "cramp" as they said.  But the pain lasts all of 10-20 seconds.  Seems like a lifetime when its happening... but the pain goes away very quickly (at least it did for me).  The second HSG I actually didn't feel at all.  A slight cramp when the cath was inserted, and then they were telling me we were done (clearly no blockage that time).  So I think it could go either way.  (Now if someone tells you they want to do a Karmin Biopsy... run for the hills, as Siena can also agree).

    As for the implants... the ladies in my side of the family have gone the other way.  Mom went down two sizes and I may do the same in a few years if I don't get PG in that time.  The ladies on my DH's side have them because they had breast cancer and double mastectomys.  My MIL got them about 13 years ago, and she just had to have them redone because they fell out of place (which doctor says is normal... as someone said above, they are not lifetime guarenteed).  My SIL just had her reconstruction about 4-5 months ago and she looks fantastic, but said they are much harder than her old ones.  She was holding a newborn this past weekend and commented how he must not have been very comfortable against her hard chest.

    Everyone will have their own opinions about this type of surgery, or anything cosmetic.  You really have to do what you are most comfortable with.  I don't buy into not doing it because of putting a foreign object in your body.  Many people do this all the time with IUDs and pace makers or replacement hips and knees.  Just do your research and I bet there are doctors who do free consultations once you are getting more close to the time you want to do it.  Definitely wait until after any and all your pregnancies though... totally agree with this.  You will be quite surprised how much your b00bs change during and after, especially if you breastfeed.

    Wed.. very best this IUI cycle.  I'll be pulling for you!! (btw, my FSH is yours transposed... so I would have significantly less a shot at the injectibles producing much if we were to decide to move forward)

    Hib... keep your spirits up. All our fingers are crossed for you!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Thanks everyone for your comments re: the cyst.  Turns out the type I have is really common, but is in actuality a tumor - though non-scientifically called a cyst it's actually a mass and not fluid filled - which I guess is why surgery (typically laparoscopic) is usually the way to go with it.  Due to that, I worry about fertility since sometimes it requires removing the ovary (depending on where the tumor is sitting, and size, though my guess is it is pretty small) or a part of the ovary as they grow back if surrounding tissue is not removed.  So now that I know a bit more, wondering if any of you have any experiences with that?

    Here's another question - any good ob gyn recommendations?  I know this question has been asked before, but it's been a while.  I'm on the North Shore and since I would likely go the fertility route anyway - I was thinking since I have to deal with this now - to get into the North Shore Mass General reproductive health branch.  That's been well recommended on here correct?  Any other recommendations? I'm not a huge fan of my current doctor and although I want to have the practice really get the info on the growth ASAP, I likely don't want that practice to perform any necessary surgery.

    I also write on these boards so irregularly that when I do I feel like I need to add all of you to the post and always miss a few.  So please know I'm routing for all of you.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Fakin, Dr. Mary Sabatini at North Shore MGH is amazing.  She is an RE first and foremost, so not sure how much general GYN stuff she does (probably very little OB stuff).  I can't say enough wonderful things about her knowledge, understanding and the level of comfort she provides.  She also has office hours in the Boston MGH, and it takes months to get a visit.  But at North Shore her schedule is much easier to get an appointment (so just make sure you call the right office).  That being said, in the course of seeing her, I met several of her colleagues (Rein and Petrozza) and they were also really great.  Wonderful building and super easy to visit (parking is free!).

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Fakin, I second IPW's recommendation of Dr. Sabatini. I also really liked Dr. Petrozza the one time I met him and I would be comfortable seeing him again if I had to. I love a doctor who says, "My job is to not make the hospital money, it's to get you your desired outcome." That said, you don't need to already be in the MGH system to see their RE's. The North Shore office doesn't deliver babies so I'm honestly not sure how many regular OB/GYNs practice there.

    If you're trying to pick the doctor you eventually want to deliver your baby, you should consider what hospitals they are affiliated with. Personally, I see the Midwives of the North Shore Birthing Center and they also do routine care in addition to maternal care. I love this practice and am so happy I found it. I've also heard good things about Dr. Chuderwicz at Essex County OB/GYN if you're interested in delivering at Beverly Hospital. 

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Fakin, do they have to remove it or can they biopsy it first?  if they have to remove it, I hope they can get it all without removing your ovary.  I don't have any experience, but it's something I'd warn about going to google'll hear the gamut of stories, I'm sure, and who knows what is statistically the most likely.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    FB--sorry to hear you are facing surgery for this.  I use the MGH ob/gyn practice (not the N Shore branch though), and I've been happy with most of the 15 or so doctors I have interacted with in that practice.  I feel much more comfortable at a big academic center and I put up with some hassle costs of dealing with a large practice to get my care there.  (I feel more confident that they will be up to date on best practices--something that has been born out in my experience there.)  So from that perspective, I would recommend the N Shore branch.

    There are 2 docs I have seen that also practice at the N. Shore branch, but both are maternal fetal medicine (high risk OB) specialists, so I don't think they take on GYN patients. (When I was facing the possibility of GYN surgery, I had to establish a relationship with a different doctor in the practice than the MFM who I go to for my obstetric care.  My GYN does take on regular (non-high-risk) OB patients, but my MFM OB does not take on GYN patients.  If that makes any sense.  At any rate, one of the OBs who practices at N Shore I really liked (Dr. Bryant), and the other I really did NOT like (so I feel bad naming her here).

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Gah, the HSG is sounding rather unpleasant. Oh well. Just want to get it over with. I'll definitely take the motrin beforehand. 

    Fakin, sorry to hear about the impending surgery. I've read that about ten years ago they may have been more likely the remove the whole ovary, but that now there are more precise surgical instruments that hel avoid it. Do you know when you have to do it?

    They officially canceled my clomid cycle this round (no follicle progress, but I did get to experience frequent and intense hot flashes as a side effect) so now I'm taking provera to bring on a period and then starting the femara/letrozole. Has anyone had any experience with that drug? I know clomid is the common one. DH read that while metformin is usually used for insulin-resistant PCOS people, it's also effective for non-insulin resistive "thin" PCOS (what I have).

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Fakin, I had an ovarian dermoid tumor/cyst (I feel like they used the words interchangeably, though I think technically it is a tumor) when we were TTC the first time--is that what you have?  I had laparoscopic surgery to remove it at MGH--it went fine and I kept the ovary.  I think there are good reasons to have them removed, especially if you're looking to get pregnant, even though they usually aren't cancerous--that's why I think they typically don't do a biopsy, they just get it out.   

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    I third Dr. Sabatini!  I saw her for DD and am seeing her again now.  SHe is so down to earth and no pressure at all, just lays out the facts and let's you decide.  My PCP is also my GYN, though she is at the Main MGH campus. 

    AF should arrive tomorrow.  I would be happy if it came tomorrow of Friday, then my day 3 u/s will be over the weekend, one less absence I need to worry about for work.  Still trying to figure out how we are going to work the appointments and get DD to daycare and DH and I to work not too late.  The logistics were so much easier the first time around!  :)  

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Fakin - That sounds similar to what a friend experienced.  She had a cyst/mass removed and everything turned out fine.  She got pregnant pretty soon after.  At the time, she had a mass the size of her ovary.  Because of where it was located, they weren't 100% what it was connected to and they also mentioned possibly having to remove the ovary.  It ended up being on her ovary as they suspected, but the mass was removed without issue.  Hope it turns out the same for you!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    You ladies have been so helpful!  Thank you!  Thistle, yes, that's exactly it.  I'm so happy to hear the positive outcomes of your surgery and others though.  Thank you so much everyone!

    I'm definitely going to use MGH...not sure if I'll go with the North Shore branch or downtown yet, but I really trust the hospital as a whole, it seems most of you feel the same way and have the same experiences, so essentially wherever the first appointment is - is where I'll go.  I did meet with my PCP yesterday and she wasn't entirely convinced that's causing the pain (the reason I found out in the first place) but wants me to obviously have the full work-up with a GYN anyway, as she looks at other things too.

    Thanks again - and once again my best wishes to all of you!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    FB-- if you are looking into the Beacon

    Hill MGH location, then I would recommend my GYN, Dr. Holly Kachadoorian who practices there. I've never had trouble getting in for an appointment with her and she's been very warm, patient and responsive. I've seen her 4 or 5 times in the past year and my DH and I both like her a lot. 

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    So last night I came home and told DH "I'm maxing out our deductible right away this year" The primary genetics test they are doing on me cost about 2k. Thankfully my geneticist told me if for some reason my insurance refuses to pay she'll write me a note explaining why the test is necessary. They also sent some blood work away to test for about 100 other recessive disorders in case DH needs to get test as well. Also, apparently my disorder can cause breast cancer. And since my mom already had breast cancer they want me to start getting mammograms. Needless to say, it was kind of an interesting visit.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    So AF was supposed to arrive yesterday and still nothing.  It has come like clockwork the same day and pretty much the same time of day for the past 6 months and because I am waiting for it to start this cycle, nothing.  I am sure I am not PG as I had a hysteroscopy on day 12 and there was no sign of anything.  I suppose it is possible, though not betting on it!  I will test anyway, since tomorrow night we are supposed to go out with friends for dinner and I was planning on having a couple glasses of wine!

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Wed, day 12 would be too early to see anything - you could have conceived literally hours around that time.  No test in the world could detect pg at that point so not to get your hopes up, but if you are never late and it's been 24 hours I'd test for sure.

    NL, best with the genetics testing.  I thought a mammo would be awful, but didn't find it to be bad at all.

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Northern, I hope your insurance company pays for your tests. That's a lot of information to process from one visit. 

    wed, CD12 is early so there's a chance. I hope you get the BFP! Is today CD29?

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    I tested this morning and BFN, though not surprised.  It is CD 27 today, though my cycles are usually 25 days.  I keep getting PMS signs, sore b00bs and back though still no AF. 

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Hm, two days late...I still have hope for tomorrow's fmu. I hope you got a box with 3 tests. :)

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    Random cycle question...  I know you can get ovulation spotting, but I thought you were a woman who got it regularly or you weren't.  I got 3 days of mid-cycle spotting days 11 - 13 for the first time in my life this month.  Anyone else experience ovulation spotting once or twice and that's it? Outside of birth control being the cause, of course.  I didn't even have spotting mid cycle on BC.  I thought maybe I had ovulated super duper early and took a pg test a week after what would have been implantation bleeding this morning and it was negative.  I read that 4 days after implantation a blood test would be positive and 3 days after that a poas test would be. you agree?

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    not odd. this used to happen to me frequently.  If you have had a hard work out, it might explain it. Also, you may be developing fibroids.  Sometimes they get aggravated and then you spot.  Or you could have had too much fun one night.  lol. 


    I never had midcycle spotting while on BC.  But I had it when I developed fibroids. It's probably nothing but an annoyance.  It doesn't happen any more all that often.  Then again, I stopped going to spin class, which is what would trigger it. 

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    But it's the only time in 30 years it's happened...that's not odd in and of itself?  I've worked out hard and had lots of, er, fun before. :)  Fibroids...huh, maybe - I did develop some breast cysts last year.

    scks to get old!

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    Re: January 2013 TTC

    There's a first time for everything!