January TTC

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    Re: January TTC

    I don't want to speak out of turn and not that she isn't entitled to her opinion under any circumstances, but I think ALF might be under atypical stress about TTC right now.
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    Re: January TTC

    Chiclet, how are you doing?  Did you test?  I just looked at my calendar and actually day 28 is today for me too.  I'm totally not PG.  No AF, but can just sense it coming and my AF migraine headache is lingering and about to pop.  I've had 46, 28, 28, 27 and 30 day cycles so far (the first was coming off minipill...so out of ordinary).  But, just for nostalgia, I tested last Thursday (day 24) just because I got my bfp two years ago the exact same month and week on day 24.  It was a BFN, which is why I'm not holding out any hope that this month worked.  We were only able to BD before and up to day 13 (which is when I got my surge).  For my son, my cycles were much shorter, mostly 24 and 25 days... so I keep thinking that I'm O'ing earlier and start BDing around day 8.  This next month I'm going to slide it back a bit starting around 10 and make sure to go through to day 15 at least.

    Looking forward to hearing some good news soon from this board.  We need an Oct baby!
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    Re: January TTC

    I'm afraid I don't have much better news. I tested on Saturday morning - BFN. I don't expect AF until today or tomorrow. Saturday night, I got that feeling that it would be coming in the next few days. I was a lot more disappointed than I thought I would be. Logically, I knew this month was a long shot where I never caught my surge. I guess that didn't stop me from hoping too hard.

    I did take your advice and have a few glasses of wine on Saturday night. Thanks for your support with that one! I had done some reading last week that said the risk of SIDS goes up if the mother drinks in the first trimester and the 3 months prior! Obviously that's not happening. Think of all the babies that are conceived because their moms had been drinking! Ha!

    IPW - Sorry for your BFN. Here's hoping for some November babies!
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    Re: January TTC

    Sorry Chiclet and IPW...better luck to all of us for next month!

    I got a phone call last night from my best friend of 20 years now...2 weeks ago she decided to 'try'...boom...BFP!  So I am so happy for her, but it really brought all my TTC fears to a head. I had to go in a conference room this AM at work and cry to my mom that I've been TTC for the last 6 months and its NOT working!

    I'm feeling a little better but I think I need a run later and a good nights sleep to get back into the positive frame of mind.
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    Re: January TTC

    IPW--have you ever charted? (sorry if this has been discussed before.) I'm just asking bc I tend to have short-ish cycles (last 5: 26,25 ...BFP->mc... 29,27,26), so I always guessed I had an early O date.  But this month I charted and I found out I O'd around day 15 (peak OPK and last day of low temp).  So I'm just trying to suggest that it pays to be broad in estimating your fertile window, if you aren't sure about when you ovulate.  (I'm not saying that you should or need to chart if you don't want to.)

    Sorry Chiclet. Hope you enjoyed the party at least!  And I also say you're not out until AF actually shows up since one of the cruel tricks of life is that early pg symptoms and PMS have a huge amount of overlap.

    MissWolff--sorry about that frustration.  Just wanted to say you are not alone. I wish I could mentally decouple my friends' pregnancies from my own experiences and frustrations but it is really really hard, even though I am very joyful and excited for them.  
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    Re: January TTC

    MissWolff, so sorry you had those mixed feelings this morning.  We've all been there feeling sad and happy at the same time.  For my best friend it was their "oops" 3rd pregnancy about 4 months ago after her and I chatted that she'd be fine stopping at 2 kids.  Then "oops, I guess we'll have 3!"  Happy for them that she didn't even need to really think about it... sad that I was already in the midst of TTC angst.

    Siena, I charted with DS.  For about 3 months and O'd early those times.  Although wasn't using O strips at all... so never really got confirmation from temping and strips together.  I've temped probably 5 times this month.  I know that is not at all consistent... but I saw the low 97s early and the mid to high 98s after my surge on day 13.  Last Friday I was still in the 98s and this morning 97.7.  So again, no reliability there, but just a hunch.  This coming month I will try to temp every day to get the full picture.  And since I'm on TTC month 6 and 37 years old, my new OB is going to run a FSH test (egg quality) on cycle day 3 and then a progesterone test on day 21.  So, just waiting for day 1 to actually get here. Probably tomorrow I'm guessing.
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    Re: January TTC

    MissWolff - I can completely relate to your feelings! It's like before I got engaged and everyone around me was getting married. First it was always a bridesmaid, now it's always an auntie. I'm sorry that you're feeling this way, but you're definitely not alone. Have you been in touch with your doctor?

    ML - Good luck with your doctor's appointment tomorrow. I hope you get better answers this time! Let us know how it goes!
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    Re: January TTC

    Miss Wolf - Sorry you're feeling down, TTC is such a roller coaster.  Like Chiclet mentioned you might want to talk to your doctor.  I had an annual check up when we were on month 2 of TTC and he told me that if I hadn't had any success after 6 months he would want to hear from me.  I'm 26 and no underlying health issues so I know the normal time frame for TTC is usually one year but that's what he said.  I never ended up calling because I didn't feel ready to make that call but it was nice to know that if I felt I were at that point I could reach out.  You might just want to check in with your doctor even if they say "call in another 6 months" it's worth a phone call.
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    Re: January TTC

    Good morning everyone...def feeling better today.  It surprised me that I was so emotional about it since I've been feeling really ok with the whole process so far.

    Anyhow, Feb will be the actual 6th month of TTC so if it doesn't work I'll be calling my DR. She said to give it six months so I figure I'm going with that. I'll be 32 in May so I don't want to drag my feet anyhow.

    Chiclet- I totally know what you are saying about being the last one out of the gate. In my small group of friends I was last for everything so you'd think I'd be used to it by now. :)

    Thanks everyone for your support. I don't have a lot of people to share all this with so it really helps.
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    Re: January TTC

    MissWolff, I'm glad you're feeling better. Just wanted to add to the chorus...during our time of TTC, I think I probably cried (privately...well, to DH) every time a friend or relative announced a bfp. And there were a lot of them! We even had friends who'd always said they never wanted kids...during the time we were TTC, they changed their minds, quickly got pg, and had a baby! No matter how happy you are for the people you love, it's always hard. Anyway, I'm glad you're in a better place today.
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    Re: January TTC

    My best friend got pregnant in 1991, and I've been crocheting baby blankets for just about every close friend I've had since.  Figured by this time I'd be making one for my own baby, you know?  That first pregnant friend could be a grandmother before I have one!  Can you imagine if her daughter and I were pregnant at the same time?  Weird thought.
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    Re: January TTC

    Chiclet, thanks for asking.

    The meeting was informative, but the end result is that a top specialist in cardiac maternal health says I have a 10% chance of maternal death and a 40% chance of delivering a micro preemie. So our dreams of a second baby through pregnancy is not an option for us anymore.

    I kind of knew this in my heart already, so held it together fairly well so far. I need some new projects and hobbies and will likely need to take a break from the boards and hearing about all the BFPs you all deserve.
    Much love and best wishes, BFPs and sticky thoughts to all of you!
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    Re: January TTC

    So so sorry to hear this ml! :( I am glad you were able to get the answers you needed from the right specialist, but I'm very sad to hear that's what he had to say. I wish you all the best as you move forward.
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    Re: January TTC

    Oh ml, I am truly so sorry to hear that news. I also wish you the best coping with this loss and moving forward.
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    Re: January TTC

    Kar, that might feel like a weird situation, but hey, there's no specific timeline your life needs to follow, right? Things happen at different times in different people's lives and there's no script to follow!

    ml, I'm so sorry about your news. I hope you're able to delve into those hobbies and your family and find contentment from them. 

    Miss Wolff, sorry to hear that you're on the TTC emotional rollercoaster. 

    I had a TTC appointment with my doctor today. I'm 26, but with my mom's history (endometriosis, five miscarriages, and a life-threatening ectopic) and my history (8 years of erratic periods until starting BC) my doctor said there's no point wating to see what'll happen and we should do some tests. I have to get a blood draw later this week; I already feel bad for the phlebotomist because I *always* vomit and pass out. DH thinks I'm crazy but I *swear* I can feel the blood being sucked out of my veins!

    I'm glad my doctor wants to be proactive, but at the same time I'm thinking, "She must think something's wrong if she wants to start testing right away!" I really need to turn down the crazy. It's at an 11.
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    Re: January TTC

    Oh ML... I just want to give you a hug! I am sorry you received bad news today. I wish you all the best for you and your family.

    WPP - I'm glad your doctor is taking you seriously. If there's nothing wrong, great, but if there's something that can be addressed without your wasting 6 months, that's great too. Good luck with the blood draw! 

    Today was CD31 and still no AF. I'm petrified to test. After 7 negative OPKs and 1 negative POAS test, I just can't look at another negative test right now. I'm getting these cramps that make me think AF is right around the corner, but still nothing. It's really screwing with my head. I feel like I'm constantly playing the "Implantation, PMS or Gas?" game.
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    Re: January TTC

    In Response to Re: January TTC:
    In Response to Re: January TTC : Yes, WPP is right about what I meant. I felt Alf & I were agreeing in the earlier discussion too, so I was surprised by the reaction.  Oh well.  Sorry ALF that I evidently wasn't communicating clearly.
    Posted by siena09

    I apologize if I misread your post. I felt that you were suggesting that there was something a woman could do to, actively, to prevent a mc/ There is not. Unless you are engaging in seriously risky behavior, you cannot prevent a pg from m/cing if it is not one that is strong enough to be carried to term.  Your choice to play racquetball, or soccer, or have a drink or 2 during the 2ww has ZERO impact on a m/c.  You cannot 'knock it loose' during that time, which is what I felt that you were suggesting.  This is why I do not understand the frenzy that people whip themselves into during the 2ww. Your body is strong. It has evolved for centuries to be able to carry a baby to term and carry on the human race .The fact that you maybe have 3 cups of coffee, or 2 glasses of wine, or a Rueben sandwich, or played tennis and got hit w/ a ball during the 2 ww is not going to have any impact, large or small, on the average woman.

    If people truly feel that they need to make lifestyle changes during the 2ww, then maybe they should carry those over for the entire time of TTC.  I live a very healthy life.  I have no qualms about doing what I am doing during the 2ww or any other week of the month.  If people have such concerns then, perhaps they need to reassess what they are doing on a regular basis.  Your overall health and activities are what are going to play a major role in your pg and child's life; not the turkey sandwich and beer that you ate 2 days before you got the BFP.
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    Re: January TTC

    ml, that is awful.  You are in my thoughts and prayers. 
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    Re: January TTC

    ml, I'm so sorry your fears were confirmed.  I hope you'll let yourself sob; just because you suspected that was the case doesn't make it less devestating to have it confirmed.  I'm crying for you, and I also suspected that's what you'd be told.

    Was there a recommendation made for preventing pregnancy 100%?  It's got to be even more devestating to consider that, but I wouldn't want you to die for not dealing with it as proactively as possible.

    Again, so sorry, ml, I know you're heartbroken...
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    Re: January TTC

    Thanks ladies, more than anything it just makes me so grateful to have DD and have had the experience and being pregnant and giving birth and nursing - and honestly, their is some relief in knowing "OK, I'm done - let's move on" - ALF, I think that's some of what you are feeling these days, yes?

    And Kar, I held it together in the doctors office. I made it halfway across the parking lot when my husband very lightly touched my shoulder and I went down like a ton of bricks, right in the middle of the parking lot. It was ugly, but probably not that unusual in that particular doctors office complex. 

    I'm grateful I never miscarried, never lost a child, never had a seriously ill child (to date) - and again, I have my daughter! Sad, but grateful.
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    Re: January TTC

    Chiclet--I don't normally read/post on this thread anymore, but I noticed you mentioned having negative OPKs.  I wanted to let you know that there are at least a few of us on this board (2, including myself, with fraternal twins (i.e. ovulated twice) and I think there are others) who had negative OPKs the cycle we got pregnant.  I don't want to give you false hope, but negative OPKs do not mean you didn't ovulate.

    The cycle I got pregnant, I was on clomid and expected to ovulate.  I started doing OPKs a couple days earlier than suggested b/c I didn't want to miss it and kept doing them a few days longer than suggested.  I think it was 14 days in all.  During the expected peak time, I did two/day.  I never got a "positive."  I was both the strips you have to read yourself and the expensive one that has a smiley face or something.  Around CD28 or so, feeling beaten (it was my 3rd cycle of clomid, so we would have been moving on to more aggressive/invasive methods) and thoroughly discouraged, I took a pregnancy test to "close" the cycle and prepare myself to move on.  Imagine my shock when it showed positive almost immediately.  According to the OPKs, I never ovulated.  I was charting at the time, also, and the chart showed that I had probably ovulated, but I trusted the OPKs more than the BBT chart.  I was even more surprised a few weeks later to find out I was carrying fraternal twins.  So...take home message is that OPKs are good tools, but sometimes they just don't work.  They do work for most people most of the time, but you can't base your, ahem, baby making activities solely on them.  If you were active during the time you think you should have ovulated, there's still hope.  Obviously, don't get your hopes up, but the pregnancy test results may end up being a pleasant surprise. 

    Good luck!
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    Re: January TTC

    ML- Big hugs

    WPP- Don't stress! (Easier said than done.)  There is comfort in knowledge and it's great that your doctor is being proactive.

    Chiclet- All I can say is I know how you feel...waiting stinks. 

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    Re: January TTC

    ML, as sad as that news is, I'm glad that you and your husband were able to be together to hear it...and at least the question is answered.  Not the answer you wanted, for sure, but it sounds like you're letting yourself grieve this and are happy for what you do have, which is a beautiful little girl! 

    I have a good friend who received similar news, only due to a different diagnosis, and she knew about my miscarriage...we had several talks about the grief that you go through.  Mine for the baby I'd lost and would never meet, and hers for the babies that were no longer a possibility.  She said the worst for her has been people asking about when they'll have another, not in a malicious way, but since that's what you do.  Most people don't know about what happened.  She said she started immediately investigating surrogacy and adoption and foster parenting as a way to keep the door open, but then realized that in doing that, she was spending as much if not more time worrying about what could be than concentrating on her son, who was there before her.  She said when she realized that, her whole attitude flipped. 

    Just like I've learned with the stages of grieving my miscarriage, I'm sure you'll find that there will be times that you're fine, and then it will wash over you and hit you.  And that's okay, and normal, and healthy. 
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    Re: January TTC

    ML -I am so sorry to hear about your news!  Wow, what a miracle your DD is!  As you posted I think with those odds you just know it is out of your hands - not that it makes it easier but at least you shouldn't have to second guess your decision.  Hugs to  you!
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    Re: January TTC

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I tested again when I got home from work. Another BFN. I guess this just isn't my month and AF is taking her sweet time getting here.

    Kar, can you please post the link to the OPKs you got from Amazon?