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January TTC

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    Re: January TTC

    Sorry chiclet!  Maybe you ovulated late and that is both why you missed the surge and why AF hasn't arrived?  I don't know--just a random guess.

    I'm not kar, but I recently ordered these from amazon:

    I was pleased with the OPKs; they worked for me.  I was a little anxious about whether I would be able to interpret what a "positive" was, but in the end it was a know-it-when-you-see-it kind of thing for me.  Your mileage may vary.  At least they are cheap so you don't have to feel bad about wasting them.  note that these also come in packs of 50 without including HPTs for the same price, so you can choose your mix.  I haven't tried the HPTs yet.
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    Re: January TTC

    WPP, thanks - I'm not really worried, per se, about it, just saying it would be pretty weird if it happened that way!  GL at the blood draw; I always feel like I'm going to vomit, but I don't, thankfully.

    Chicklet, siena's link goes to the brand I was using, but they have different numbers of them.  I didn't do the 40/10 because I was suffering from an addiction to pregnany tests, and that wasn't nearly enough.  I've gotten over that, but, anyway, this is what I ordered:

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    Re: January TTC

    Thanks Siena and Kar! Siena, I think you're right, I probably just missed it because it happened late and I was out of OPKs. I'm bummed because, in December, there was a day where I thought I had ovulated without any charting or anything and then AF came 13 days later. When the same thing happened this month, I figured since I was right the last time, I would be right this time, but apparently I wasn't. My cycles seem to be getting longer and longer. You'd think after being off BC for 6 months, things would have evened themselves out.

    Kar, funny you say that about the 10 HPTs. I was thinking that there's no way I could have 10 HPTs sitting in my bathroom or I would use every single one of them! 
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    Re: January TTC

    My cycle lengths seemed to be sinusoidal for most of my life; they progressively got longer until the length peaks (at about 35 days) then they progressively got shorter unitl the length hits it's shortest (at about 25 days).   However, no matter how long the cycle was, I'd get AF 15 days after my positive OPK test so that obviously followed the same sinusoidal pattern as my overall cycle length.

    Now that I'm older, there's less of a pattern.  I had two months in a row that my cycles were 45 days or so.  I blew through a ton of pg tests!