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July 2013 TTC

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    Re: July 2013 TTC

    I have friends who have used both Science Center and Boston IVF - Dr. Reilly comes very highly recommended, he is an RE through Boston IVF but he is only at the Boston office. 

    My ob/gyn recommended both places highly though. 

    I have an appt at Boston IVF's South Shore clinic in September, so I cannot comment then. I made my choice because of the convenience of the South Shore Clinic.......If I have to schlep to multiple appointments, I want it to be close to my work and home! 


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    Re: July 2013 TTC

    Just back from vacation and catching up.  I hope you are able to get some answers, KMMZ!  TC, crossing my fingers for you.  VBAC, I don't have experience with either, though a friend was happy with her experience at Boston IVF.  I have been going to the Mass Gen Fertility Center and have been very happy there. 

    AFM, 6 weeks and a couple days.  We had an ultrasound last week and got to see the heartbeat, always so cool.  Go for another u/s in a little over a week and then graduate to the OB.  

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    Re: July 2013 TTC

    Congrats, Wed!! That's such great news! Good thoughts for you!


    I'm mixed on my experience at Boston IVF. I love my dr (Dr Thornton - she's personable, but business like, sympathetic without being condescending and very, very smart), the nursing staff is fabulous, and the techs who do the u/s and blood draws are super professional and efficient.

    But they take FOREVER to return a phone call. Like seriously, I'll call because it's getting to be 4 pm and I haven't heard from them if I've called with a question. Usually someone gets back to me, but the not returning my calls makes me so, so anxious. And my last post-op nurse was kind of a witch with a capital B, but she's been the only medical professional I've encountered there who was so rude (seriously, even the anesthesiologist was more personable and I've yet to meet one without an attitude problem). She'd mellowed by the time I left, but in the post anesthesia haze I remember her being impatient with me when I couldn't remember the answers to some of the questions she asked me.

    The Domar Center at the Waltham office is amazing - I've seen the nutrionist there and three of the accupuncture therapists. All of them were fabulous (Michelle & Christina especially).

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    Re: July 2013 TTC

    Thanks tc95 for the feedback. Surpisingly that is the same doctor that I have! Doctors really need to realize how personal and emotional this is! Best of luck!

    In response to tc95's comment:

    VBAC, I've been very happy with Boston IVF.  I started out at RSC but saw a doctor there named Digirolamo who was just miserable- she told me I'd never be able to have my own child but that we should use an egg donor and it would be almost as if the baby were mine. This was said with the same amount of concern as someone saying we don't carry Coke, will Pepsi do? We bolted after that and even though the news was the same at BIVF, it was a very different experience.

    I go for my beta on Monday but may try a home test tomorrow. I had a terrible headache that lasted from Tuesday thru yesterday. Anyone else have a headache as an early pg symptom?  

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    Re: July 2013 TTC

    Just wanted to add my two cents in case anyone is interested...

    I had 2 IVF cycles with FCNE (Fertility Centers of New England) and while they were fine, I wasn't overly impressed...they were just more businesslike.

    I just went through one cylce at Mass General (in Danvers and in Boston) and had a much better experience. (I'm still waiting for my results). The doctors there were so much more friendly and caring. Just throwing it out there in case anyone is trying to decide where to go.

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    Re: July 2013 TTC

    Hi ladies!

    So, I had another round of blood work and discussion with the RE - unfortunately labs came back even worse than before.....thyroid antibodies very high, thyroid more out of wack, white blood cells and red blood cell counts are off, TSH on the high end of normal, prolactin at the very high edge of normal, etc. 

    So, I started one medication and they want to give it a month and then retest labs again. RE wants to introduce one medication at a time and see if she can narrow down what is really causing the issue here. I was very impressed with the doctor and her approach/explanation with me, she has been very thorough. However, she said we are probably looking at another 6 months to get this all straightened out, which will put us at 18 months overall.

    I am trying to be positive and not be stressed, especially considering my sister got engaged and my brother's wife announced she is expecting a baby! So, there is enough happy news to go around! 

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    Re: July 2013 TTC

    I finally got my Short Term Disability approval and coverage starts Aug 1st.  Happy to have that all figured out and officially starting to TTC for #2.  If my cycle remains similar to when we were TTC for our first then I should be O'ing early next week.  I'm going to give myself a couple months without the OPK's to see what happens. 

    ETA: Sorry Beagles about your continued problems.  Glad they are working on it and trying to get you some answers but the extended timeline is a real bummer.  Have you seen an endocrinologist? My sister has thyroid problems which seem to be constantly changing and through an endocrinologist she gets tested every few months to see how her current meds and dosage are working out.  More often then not they need to make a change to try to balance things out.  Might be worth getting an appointment!