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    Re: July-TTC

    Tang, good to hear from you.  Of course, you know God is not going to guarantee you'll get whatever you want.  But, I hope you'll find peace in believing that God does guarantee that he wants the best for you and provides it if you're faithful to ask and trust him to do so.  The thing is, what we think we want without any knowledge of the future might very well not go anywhere near the way we imagine it might.  Only God has that knowledge because time does not restrict him.  We can either be disappointed and anxious or thankful and peaceful that God knows what we need better than we can possibly determine, given our temporal perspective, and gives it to us every time if we are faithful to seek his will.

    I'm heading into week 2 of the 2ww.  I think...not really sure.  Not tracking so much anymore. 
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    Re: July-TTC

    In Response to Re: July-TTC:
    God does guarantee that he wants the best for you and provides it if you're faithful to ask and trust him to do so.
    Posted by kargiver

    Is that a money-back guarantee? Because I think I'm owed a refund.
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    Re: July-TTC

    God wants the best for us AND is the only one who knows the future and can determine what that really is.  If we think we want something that doesn't come our way there's a reason we don't know about.  We can either be bitter and anxious about it or thankful that we didn't get what we thought we wanted based on our limited, temporal perspective.

    And, I don't mean for this to get all preachy here, I just responded to Tang's lamenting that if she had a guarantee from God she'd get pg she'd have peace, and I suggested that she could have peace from God either way if she thought about it from an eternal vs temporal perspective of what we want.

    ETA:  "The best for you" is not necessarily what you think you want because only God can see your future.  We like to pretend we are capable of having our future all planned and God just isn't cooperating, but our plans are hardly more than fantasy because we can't see the future.  Anything could happen at any second that would make it clear that it was a good thing we didn't get what we wanted, after all.  God's plans are all fact based because he is the only one with all of the facts - today's AND tomorrow's.
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    Re: July-TTC

    Hi Tang.  GL and hang in there!  I hope youhave some time to relax this weekend.  Sounds like you've been really busy.
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    Re: July-TTC

    Thanks, Nov! Between buying and moving into a new house, and general work/life stuff, it's been a bit nutty lately. Unfortunately there's no rest for the weary this weekend..we have to travel to an out-of-town baby shower, of all things :) Yippee! I hope you're doing well...and I forgot to congratulate you on your weight loss in my post last night! That is no easy feat!
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    Re: July-TTC

    Thanks, Tang.  Congrats on the new house, too!  The "old aunts" in my family always say " Into a new house follows a new baby"  Hope its true for you! 
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    Re: July-TTC

    Hi Tang... thanks for thinking of me :o) I am 16 weeks as of yesterday.  In ways it is flying by and in others creeping by.  It definitely does not feel real yet.  But then again we just started telling people over the last week or so because I was a nervous wreck after our mc in January and wanted to wait until 12 weeks to tell anyone.  So after publicly pretending like it wasn't happening for so long it is just starting to dawn on me that it is real.  DH is still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that life is changing.  He has a bit of anxiety about change in general and this is definitely a big change.  I thought that after extended ttc he would be ready but aparently no amount of delayed ttc would have helped his anxiety.  So that is probably one of the things that is putting a damper on my excitement... but as our family is finding out I am starting to get excited for the first time since I peed on a stick.

    Now a question... how would IVF be different from what you've been doing?  Is it that they fertillize the egg outside your body rather than hoping for that to happen through BDing? 

    Nov... congrats on the weight loss!  I find it even more difficult this time of year to stick to my regular work out schedule due to the heat and the fact that everyone wants to get together in the summer so I end up with a lot more events on my calendar.  Not to mention that all those events are generally accompanied by food that makes the not working out part even worse. 

    clc... good luck with the opks :o) ... Are you tracking them on paper or just in your head?  I found it helpful to write down the results and mark whether something was questionable (like "almost as dark, but can't really tell) so that I could at least have a chance of analyzing it after I got AF.  Just to see if I was even close on my guess about O'ing.   If you go a few months with the opks and are still getting double positives... it might be worth talking to your doctor?  Are your cycles getting shorter?  I think you said you had really long cycles, like 60 days, when you first went off bcp?  Could there be something bigger going on like issues with your thyroid?  not to freak you out... but there are medical things that can cause really long cycles and can make it difficult to time BDing. 

    Good luck everyone! 
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    Re: July-TTC

    Thanks, Boston.  I hadn't been tracking on paper but that's a good idea.  My cycles are shorter.  I had one that 60 days but the last three have been in the 32 - 36 day range.  I did have a blood work up in April where they checked all of my levels but my doctor told me to call if I'm not pregnant after a few months of trying.  I'm going to give it a little longer  before calling but will most likely get in touch early fall if I'm not pregnant by then. My sister has Addison's disease as well as a thyroid problem so there is a history of thyroid problems in the family.  Luckily, nothing has shown up so far for me.

    DH and I made the most of the double positive this month and have been sticking to the every other day routine.  Even though I believe I'm just starting the two week wait we will most likely keep that up for another few days just in case! I have continued to test to see what would happen and the line has become very faint so I hope that earlier in the week was a true positive.  I guess I'll know in a couple weeks!
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    Re: July-TTC

    A photo journal can help, too.  Thank goodness for digital, eh?  I had some photos, but I can't find them, now, and I think I deleted them...sorry!