Here we are June 5th without a new post.  I'm thinking someone's going to have good news this month, so lets start the thread!  Hope everyone isn't getting too down with this gloomy weather.  Hard when the sun doesn't come out in days. 

How is everyone?  SS, JL, how are you feeling?

I'm in limbo as my levels didn't change after my biopsy.  They don't want to give me MTX quite yet as they are so low and keep going up 20 and then down 20 (3 blood draws since Fri).  I have a week off from blood work as they want to give me a physical and emotional rest... so will just keep hoping for the best (i.e. my body gets rid of this on its own and levels drop).  It's so beyond weird technically being PG at what would be 7 weeks wishing it would just end.