March TTC

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    Re: March TTC

    WPP-I like my anonymity too.  Wasn't trying to pressure you.  Hope the new job goes great! :)

    Methotrexate kicked the **** out of me yesterday.  Fever, chills, crushing dizziness.  Today was much better, save an intermittent burning sensation in my abdomen; I think that's "normal" though as long as it's not too severe.  But oh does my heart go out with heightened empathy to those on chemotherapy (at real cancer-fighting doses). 

    The one thing I have learned that may be generalizable: if you are or may be pregnant, please be alert to symptoms of acute abdominal pain and seek immediate medical attention.  This is the primary symptom of internal hemorrhage associated with ectopic pregnancy, and it remains a deadly condition for pregnant women.  Recognizing this and seeking treatment in a timely manner can be life-saving.  (Note: this is not what I have experienced so far--knock on wood--but it is what I need to be particularly alert to over the coming weeks.  However, I think the greater risk comes from not knowing that this can sometimes be dangerous sign, and that it requires medical evaluation.)

    Chiclet--I was sorry to read about your insurance challenges.  I wish you the best in navigating that and getting access to the care you need.

    jleigh--i hope you get some good answers from your doctor soon.  sorry for what you are going through.

    tom--I'll be thinking of you this week and hope you have an exciting u/s and perfect pic of your LO.

    it's crazy the things we go through to try to have children.  And i know I don't know half of it.  It's a miracle the earth is so populous.

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    Re: March TTC

    No pressure, Siena, no worries! Do you know how long you have to take those meds? They sound horrible and I hope you can be done with them soon. Are you able to stay home from work while on them?
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    Re: March TTC

    How many treatments do you need?  My SIL had to take quite a few doses for breast cancer, and after the first one (ignorance is bliss) she could barely force herself to return for more.  I hope you can stay home afterwards and you don't have many doses to endure.