May 2012 TTC

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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    I think they relaxed the rules, IPW.  You couldn't say suck or woodpecker (we talk about birds in CC - I had no idea it was dirty, lol) last year. 
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    WPP - that's so great about AF arriving.  Hopefully it will signal a turnaround in luck for everyone on these boards. 

    So given my temp drop this morning I'm def expecting AF today.  Another really short cycle for me at 23 days.  On the upside it means I can start the testing sooner.

    The issue I'm expecting now is that I'm supposed to have all the blood tests on cycle day 3, but of course its Memorial Day weekend and the lab is closed until Tuesday.  That will be cycle day 4 or 5 for me depending on if AF arrives today or tomorrow.  Does anyone know if this will make the tests totally invalid?  Or maybe it only matters for the FSH test?
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    The sample has to be collected on the correct cycle day for all hormones because they fluctuate throughout your cycle.  What is a normal amount for Day X wouldn't be a normal amount for Day X+2.  However, they don't have to be tested that day, just collected, I think.

    WPP (or HB!), how did I miss your getting AF?  That's great news!!  I'd be mad as nails at the other doctor, what a quack.
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    WPP - Yay for AF! Now let's hope this is the last time we're high-fiving over it. Do you have to follow up with your doctor soon? Your honey badger comment cracked me up. DH's friend has also taken it upon himself to invite people to our cookout that we specifically told him we didn't invite. (Friends of ours are getting a divorce so rather than pick sides, we didn't invite either of them.) He's definitely on my hit list.

    IPW - Thinking of you today and your testing. I wish you the least amount of stress possible.

    SS - Did they tell you that the lab is closed? The doctor I go to will do blood draws practically every day but Christmas. I'm wondering if they will send you somewhere else (like a hospital) if they're closed. Kar's right that there are definite benchmarks, but I wonder if they will add a range or something to yours knowing that it's Day 4 rather than Day 3. You can't be the first woman to have Day 3 on a holiday. The doctor's office must have a plan for this.

    I'm trying not to get too excited, but my temp bumped up again this morning, 12 dpo. It spiked on 9dpo, then went down gradually yesterday and the day before and today was back up almost to the spike from 2 days ago (.4 degrees higher than yesterday). I was fully expecting it to drop. I know it's too early to test and it could just be a fluke, but I can't help but feel a little optimistic.
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    Annnnd the spotting started -just a tiny amount of light pink on the toilet paper. Not sure how to interpret it. I just want off this roller coaster!
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    SS, I hope your doc will help you figure out something--hospital?--for testing. What do they think is the point if they can't do it on the proper day??

    Chiclet, have you had any other preg symptoms, sore b00bs, etc? And I can't believe that this guy is inviting other people to your BBQ. How do you know him? ....It sounds like you're ready to friend-break-up with him. (Although I've tried that multiple times with someone and apparently I'm really bad at it because it hasn't worked.)

    Yeah, I hope this is the last AF celebration too. I'm really glad that I "fired" my last doctor. DH is excited, which was nice to see. He's always really even-tempered and his excited face is generally the same as his normal face, but he's really getting into this. 
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    WPP I hope its nothing but smooth sailing for you from this point forward.  You deserve it after all your patience!

    I did call my doctor's office and spoke with the nurse practioner.  She said day 4 would be fine so making the appointment for Tuesday morning I guess.
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    Chiclet, hope its just early spotting. Keeping my fingers crossed. So nothing on ultrasound today, which I expected as levels only rose from 178 to 198. I think around 1,000 is when they can start seeing something. So they now want me to do a Karman biopsy tomorrow (at the hospital since office is maybe same for you SS for testing levels). This sounds a lot like a D/C or D/E? Anyone know, or have had one? Way TMI here, but it takes contents from uterus so the lab can determine if there is fetal tissue. If yes, they said I'm done, my numbers should drop very quickly after the procedure. If not, than its outside uterus somewhere and they would have to do the drugs. So waiting game continues for me. Now back to praying I don't have to do the drugs. Please let the lab find something tomorrow. Nice way to spend the nicest day of the long weekend. Hope it's quick at least. Happy Memorial day everyone. Hope all have some time off.
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    IPWBride--I'm really sorry for your sad news.  Sending hugs to you and JLeighla for your losses.  

    I've been lurking here off-and-on, but somehow didn't have the words/strength to post.  But I saw IPW's question about the biopsy, and I wanted to try to answer her.  

    I had a karman biopsy for the same reason you are having it.  I am told it is like a "mini D&C".  It is an office procedure.  It is a very quick procedure--it took less than 10 minutes.  I was told to take 800 mg ibuprofen about 30 minutes prior.  

    I found it very painful, but the pain didn't last very long.  The doctor basically had to take a little clamp (called a tennaculum, like mini forceps) and pull on the cervix (I think my exact words were "oh sh!t!!" at the moment I felt the pinch) and then push a small syringe into the uterus.  The tennaculum part hurt a lot, but they don't always have to use it. Once they have the syringe in, it feels crampy--kind of like menstrual cramps.  The cramping was very uncomfortable.

    Once it is over, I felt a little bit weirdly achey for the rest of the day, but it wasn't too bad.  The heavy cramping subsided pretty quickly.

    I got preliminary pathology results within 2 hours, but they waited for the final frozen section results the next day before they finalized the decision.  

    I ended up needing the MTX.  I had a miserable time with the MTX (fever of 102, dizziness, fatigue, and then eventually excruciating pain that got me a lot of morphine and a hospital admission), but most people have it much easier with that drug.  My HCG levels were 10,000 though when I had the MTX administered, so I think that also probably contributed to the pain part (since there was lots of internal bleeding as the pregnancy "resolved", which evidentally is very painful).  

    I have my fingers crossed for you that it's not ectopic.  I'll be sending positive vibes your way this weekend.

    AFM, looks like I won't really be back on this board as a TTC'er for a bit longer than expected.  I got some not-so-promising results from our repeated pregnancy loss testing, and we need further workup and testing before we can come back to TTC with a definitive plan.  The doctors require three months between tests to determine the diagnosis for the thing they are concerned about for me, so it'll probably be a few months longer.  
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    IPW - That sounds awful. I hope this is the end of it for you.

    WPP - I have some symptoms but I think they could be easily written off. I have the sore b00bs, but if AF is coming, that would explain it. Cramps could go either way too (although they started earlier than I would have thought this month). My back has been sore but I could have tweaked it at boot camp. I've actually had a little more energy than usual. I'm usually passed out on the couch by 10:30 but I made it to 11:15 last night. Woo!

    DH has been friends with this guy for probably 4 or 5 years now. They met through sports then he got DH his last two jobs. They're close, he was in our wedding, we've gone on vacation with him and his wife, etc. I was ready to break up with him after he pulled some ish at DH's bachelor party that really bothered me, but he apologized profusely and we got over it. He's one of those guys that needs to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of, almost to his detriment. Which is why I know that he doesn't want to hurt DH's feeling ever, he just doesn't get it. He's clueless more than he's spiteful. Pfft, engineers! (Kar excluded obviously!) Smile 
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    IPW - I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and hoping they find something in the uterus.

    Siena - I'm very sorry to hear about the not-great test results. I hope you and your husband are handling it ok. I know it can't be easy.

    Chiclet - Really have my fingers crossed for you! Maybe the spotting was implantation bleeding? Sore b00bs are a good sign! (Mine were sore, and look how great that turned out! lol.)

    AFM, I'm doing ok. As of yesterday, I physically feel back to normal. Emotionally, it has been tough. I feel a little ridiculous, considering I knew I was pregnant for all of 4 days.
    I'm hoping you all will have some advice for this situation: my best friend is pregnant, and is finding out the sex of the baby next week. I know she's going to call me and be super excited and want to talk, but I'm having a hard time dealing with my m/c and I don't think I am going to be able to pretend everything is fine. Do you think I should tell her about the m/c before she calls with her news? Or just hope I can pretend everything's fine? Or if she asks how TTC is going, come clean then? I'm afraid she's going to say "it's a girl!" and I'm going to lose it.

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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    Jleihla--thanks for your kind wishes.  I wasn't happy with the news from this testing, but I'm hanging in there.

    Pregnancy loss is really emotionally tough, so please be compassionate and patient with yourself as you process your emotions.  Whatever you are feeling is okay and normal.  The fact that you were only pregnant for four days doesn't take away the pain and disappointment and frustration.

    If I were you, I would tell the friend about your loss.  (Since you say it is your best friend.)  I have a hard time talking about other people's pregnancies these days, and it helps at least that my pg BF is aware of what is going on with me.  She cuts me some slack when I am excited for her, but not able to express it in the same ways that I otherwise would.  And she is understanding when I need a little space (these days I find hanging out in groups hard when there is a lot of pregnancy talk/baby excitement).

    I would be aware that if/when you do tell people about your loss, not everyone will know what to say or say the right thing.  And in trying to be reassuring, people often sound dismissive. Some people have a lot of trouble relating who haven't been through something similar. Or even if they have, sometimes with perspective of time, they will say "oh yeah, I had a m/c, but then I had Johnny and it really wasn't a big deal".  Which I find incredibly unhelpful at the moment when my own emotions are still raw, but I acknowledge that people who say those things are trying to be encouraging and supportive.  

    Give yourself some time to heal and don't beat yourself up about your feelings.  I try to remind myself that the first step towards being compassionate and happy for other's experiences (esp. babies and pregnancies these days) is to be compassionate towards myself for my own feelings.  I don't know if that makes sense, but it's something I'm working on.

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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    Siena, so sorry about your tests. And thank you so much for your comments on the biopsy. I feel so ridiculous. About an hour after they scheduled it, they called and cancelled. BTW, these are MGH doctors, so Im not dealing with med students guessing, even though I feel like I am with all this uncertainty and back and forth. Anyways, the RE and her partner looked at my full chart, and think because of my crappy eggs, this is very likely just a bad m/c really taking its time. They don't want to put me through the biopsy until they see a big jump in numbers. At 198, even if ectopic, no chance it would rupture. No where near. So, back to waiting game, and labs again Tues. If goes up, the biopsy Wed. They hope they will go down and my body will just stop growing this whatever naturally. JL, I've been thinking the same thing. If I do need the drugs, I can't drink for some time. I really want to avoid the "oh my god, you're not drinking, are you PG?" comments. So, I will tell my family and close friends once this is resolved, if ever is. So I think you should get ahead of it with your friend, but as Siena says, she may not react quite how you'd like or expect. I have a best friend and a close cousin PG, and I absolutely don't want them to stop talking to me about their Pregnancies and babies. Good luck, and do take time to grieve. It's a really crappy thing and 4 days, 4 months, 4 hours, you were PG and now you are not. Definitely worth some sad feelings. Don't feel guilty about them.
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    jl, some people only feel comfortable sharing m/c with their very closest of friends.  If she is someone you'd tell her anyway, I'd say let it come up naturally.  Don't force it preemptively because you know she's going to call - you really can't predict with certainty how you'll react to her news when she tells you.  You might keep it together and truly want to wait to let her know what you're experiencing.  Natural.  That's the key.
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    Re: May 2012 TTC

    IPW--my docs are at MGH too.  I swear I've met half the practice by now, although it's huge so I know that's not quite true.  (I have met 12 different ob/gyns though, plus 2 midwives, and 3 residents. Not that I've counted or anything ;) .)  I'm glad it looks like you might duck the biopsy.  It wasn't the worst thing, but it certainly wasn't fun.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for dropping betas for you.  

    The patient info sheet from MGH said no alcohol for 2 weeks after MTX, so even if you need it, that part is not so bad.  My ob asked me to avoid the gym and BD until the HCG came all the way to zero.  That was the harder part.  

    I definitely haven't told very many people about my losses.  Only my three closest friends know and my immediate family.  I was just suggesting that JL share because she said it was her best friend.  I have found it helpful to have one or two female friends who I can confide in about these experiences.  But I don't think you have to or should tell her, if you aren't comfortable.  I just don't think you should avoid telling her b/c you are worried that you will make *her* uncomfortable.

    JL--I thought this essay was quite eloquent and helpful on the topic of the emotional aftermath of early pregnancy loss.  I read it several months ago, after my first m/c, and our discussion here reminded me of it.
    The last four or five paragraphs are most relevant.