I posted this on the Infants board but figured it might be worth cross-posting.

So, if there are any new moms on the board (or those who are still pregnant or TTC - all welcome!) who would be interested in getting together sometime soon, shoot an email to bdcmoms@gmail.com.  I'll gather up the email address, send an email back to everyone in a few days, and we'll see what we can figure out. 

As I mentioned in the other thread, I joined a few Boston-area moms groups on meetup.com, but truthfully with DS here and my maternity leave about to end (I go back to work Feb 16 - ugh), I don't have time to "get to know" other new moms online and then also find time to meet them in person.  I think it'd be much more fun (and easier!) to meet the moms on here that I already sorta "know".  :)