New to TTC

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    New to TTC

    Hi girls (and guys if there are any) -

    I've been on the Wedding boards for a while now, just got married in June.  It's a slow day at work so was perusing other boards and saw TTC - I didn't even know what it meant!  I've now spent the past hour or so reading through some of the threads.  It's very different than the wedding boards!!  you all are so supportive of one another and although I "know" some of you from Weddings, I found myself tearing up over happy and sad news of those of you I have never interacted with!  (lesal, occ, flaxen, etc)

    I am hoping to start ttc in the next few months (will be 36 at the end of the year)... have to figure out when to go off the pill, etc.  It's all new for me and I am quite in the dark about stuff (have to go look up all of your acronyms) so will probably mostly be lurking for a while.  But just wanted to say hello and say how nice it is to read how helpful and kind you are to each other!
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    Re: New to TTC

    Hi heatherv1211 - your post was great! I too think the TTC board/mom boards are so different from the wedding boards and find it is much more supportive and nice (jeez some of the brides are crazy!). I have been lurking for a little bit too and find that questions (typical or not) are easily answered. 

    Congrats on your wedding!!
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    Re: New to TTC

    Hey, heather!  Welcome. :)

    There's a thread, "Going off the pill -what to expect" that has quite a few posts.  I suppose you've found it already, though.

    Best wishes!


    P.S.  I cry all the time in this section!!  Happy/sad, whatever.
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    Re: New to TTC

    Welcome Heather - I too am new to this board.  So far from reading through I too find these boards very supportive - actually the wedding boards were similar to this in 2006 and Early 2007 when I was active on it.  I find many similar names from back then so the supportiveness seems to have come along with them. 
    One thing I would recommend is the Toni Weschler Book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  It is a great book for learning about your cycles and when pregnancy is most likely and least likely to occur.  The March of Dimes website is great for learning about pregnancy itself.
    Have Fun