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    I hope everyone is feeling well and enjoying these beautiful Fall days!
    We are about to embark on the exciting TTC journey! I couldn't be more excited and can barely wait....what an adventure.

    As a newbie, I'm curious how much everyone avoides caffine/alcohol while TTC. I typically have 1-2 cups of coffee every morning and drink wine pretty regularly (nothing crazy). Love to hear ANY "beginner" advice (even if it involves jumping on one foot with a lucky penny in my shoe...)

    I've followed everyones stories and am really looking forward to getting to know you ladies better and be an official member of this community!

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    Re: Newbie!

    Welcome Sunny!

    With regards to caffeine the studies show that you should keep below 200 mg per day but less is probably better.  I essentially never drink so I don't know too much about alcohol.  It is probably fine in moderation but I am sure others have more sound advice.

    Welcome aboard and good luck!

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    Re: Newbie!

    I've read that just about every study proves that 100 mg or less a day is completely safe, and that's what I have.  It's about 12 oz of coffee (how I prepare it).

    There is a study out there that says 300 or less is OK, but others refute this.  I'd rather not be in the gray zone.

    My Mayo Clinic book advises that alcohol can interfere with the chromosomes of an egg so in the 2ww, I generally avoid all alcohol.  However, it crosses my mind to wonder if it can affect the egg before its release.  About that, though, I have no idea.

    The older you are the more impact it can have because older eggs are more fragile to begin with.  I'll be 38 in January so I worry more about it than my MIL did back when she got pregnant; she was in her early 20s.  So, she thinks I'm a nut for worrying about it.  I'm almost 20 years her fertility senior, though, and it's nothing to pooh-pooh, IMO.

    I have to admit that I've had some alcohol lately in the 2ww 'cause we've been trying a year with no success so I'm pretty discouraged, in general.  In fact, I hardly ever even check the TTC boards anymore.

    I hope you have a better year. 

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    Re: Newbie!

    Thanks luck and kar - very helpful! It is such an odd feeling to think we're about to try something that and have no idea how it will go - very scary and exciting at the same time. Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm sure we'll get to know eachother fast and wish you both all the best.
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    Re: Newbie!

    Thanks, Sunny. I know you will find great support and community here, and I hope you graduate to the Pregnancy boards soon.  I only drop in now and then.  I was made to feel totally welcome, though.

    Best wishes!

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    Re: Newbie!

    Kar - I was wondering have you considered making an appt. with you OB/GYN to discuss TTC issues?  I am not prying you don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable.   You and I are similiar in age and it took me a long time and a successful 2 IUI round. 
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    Re: Newbie!

    Hi there! Once we started TTC, I acted like I was pregnant (prescription prenatal vitamins every day, absolutely no alcohol, a few sips (literally) of coffee per day, no feta cheese, no sushi, no over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, cold meds, allergy meds, etc. etc, etc...I gave up everything. Hope this helps :) Good luck!
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    Re: Newbie!

    I'm cutting back on coffee and alcohol, but I haven't made any other lifestyle changes.  I've stopped making my own strong coffee at home and have been using the Keurig at work instead, since that coffee tends to be weak.  I'll have a cup every other day if I feel like it.  Wine is a couple glasses a week, but some weeks nothing.