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Pre-TTC advice & questions

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    Pre-TTC advice & questions

    I've moved over to these boards...exciting but nerve-wracking. I apologize in advance for redundant, perhaps sometimes foolish, questions :-)

    What advice can anyone give about preparing for TTC? I'm getting ready to get off BC (I was advised to give it 6 months since I've been on it for 14 years and I was irregular a few years before I started so my doc assumes it'll take awhile for me to get a regular cycle going) but besides Folic Acid, what did, if anything, everyone do? I'd like to hear it all, from the rational to the crazy.

    Also, any other women out there work with ionizing radiation? I'm in a position where I can't avoid it without quitting my job, and I'm the primmary operator so I'm exposed directly to scatter radiation, so I'm wondering if anyone is/was in the same situation and what did you do besides doubling up on lead?
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    kinga9--I don't think there is much to do to prepare to TTC beyond what you already mentioned.  If you want, you could try charting (taking your temperature in the AM and/or using OPKs) to get a sense of when you ovulate, so that you are familiar with your own patterns and fertile window before you start TTC.  But I don't think anyone would suggest that this was a requirement.  I am just now beginning to chart (as of today), but have been TTC (and previously was pg) w/o it.  If your cycles are irregular though, it might be even more valuable for you.  

    General health/wellness can be helpful, so if you have any diet or exercise goals, this might be a good time to put them into action.  Financial planning or saving might also be helpful, as you think about how your budget would need to adapt to the potential new expenses.

    If you take any medications regularly (over the counter or prescription) it would be a good time to ask your doctor if they are safe while TTC.  I don't think you need to change most regimes in advance--unless they require a taper or something--but you might want to figure out how you can manage your life without them.  (I can no longer use the same topical acne treatments or OTC painkillers per my doctor's recommendation, at least during the times when I do not know if I am pregnant.)  
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Thanks Siena. Btw, one of favorite spots in Italy. I'm currently taking onmemprazole which I'll have to stop once we are actively trying. There are no good alternatives (if anyone has one, please share) that I can find, and my reflux is significant to begin with. I've tried aloe juice, but I couldn't stomach the taste. I have a great exercise regime (I run 2-3 marathons a year) but I was recently diagnosed with lactose intolerance so I'm currently figuring out a transition in diet. I'm seeing a nutritionist next week. My GI doc is concerned with adequate nutrition to support my marathons...and impending pregnancies. I like the idea of taking my temp especially since I'll be all over the charts when I first get off BC.
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    I can't help you on the radiation issue, but as far as TTC goes, I was on the pill for about 10 years. I stopped taking it, and got PG my second cycle.  As in, I had 1 period after stopping it, and the following month got my BFP. I have PCOS so I was irregular before also, and was prepared for it to take many months and possibly need fertility meds...I feel so lucky that it took us 2 months! I guess the moral there is to be ready for anything, at any time.

    I'd definitely start taking prenatal vitamins. If you really want to be on top of things, you can use OPKs too. I used these also- both for the PCOS reason and having just stopped taking the pill. If medical intervention was needed, I wanted to be totally prepared and knowledgeable of what my body was doing/not doing.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    I don't have reflux, so I can't help with that, but I am lactose intolerant.  I have been lactose intolerant for a long time though, so I no longer find it very difficult.  I'm a huge fan of soy milk, and it is quite nutritionally rich and higher in protein that pretty much any other nondairy milk. I'm buying the Earth Balance brand these days.  I would suggest shopping around and trying a few different products before coming to a conclusion about it, because the flavor and texture can vary a lot from brand to brand.  I also like soy yogurt a lot (Silk or Wildwood or Whole Soy brands).  

    I know cheese doesn't bother all people who are lactose intolerant, but it does bother me.  I don't cook with cheese very often, but when I want to sprinkle something on a lasagna or enchiladas or whatever, my favorite is the Daiya brand "cheese" shreds.  It is not very nutritious, so it is more for flavor than anything else, and I don't tend to use it as the main ingredient anywhere.

    ...good luck with your transition!  I think most of the emphasis on dairy as a nutritional miracle is due to heavy lobbying by the dairy industry and not due to any actual irreplaceable health role, so with a little effort I hope you find you can adapt your diet around this without too much trouble.  Pretty much all commercial soy milks are supplemented to provide at least as much calcium as milk.

    As for tracking temperatures, I've seen the website recommended, so I'm going to try that.  Maybe it will be helpful for you too.  It basically lets you enter your temperature (and other fertility) data and it makes charts and estimates when you ovulate--at least as I understand it so far.
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Start taking folic acid now.
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Check with your doctor about the reflux. I took Prilosec during my first pregnancy with no problems.
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Good luck, kinga! I'm sorry but I don't really have much advice that was not already mentioned. I agree with others on the folic acid and temping/opk's. Also, have you checked with your doctor about the radiation? I know on all the pre-ttc checklists I've seen, one item is to make sure your home and workplace are safe from chemicals, etc.
    I was also irregular before BC and it took me a while to get my cycles regulated and to start ovulating but once that happened, I didn't have a problem getting pg. Other people get pg right after coming off BC too, so just be prepared for that as well.
    In any case, best of luck and I hope you get a bfp soon!
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    My DH is severly lactose intolerant.  We use Lactaid milk with no problem.  He can also eat "hard cheese" like swiss, parmiggiano, gruyere, cheddar.  No soft or "fresh" cheese like fresh mozzarella or ricotta.
    Take your pre-natal vitamins and buy a few cute nighties!
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Summer, that's great that you got pregnant so quickly, especially with PCOS...I have a few co-workers who haven't had the same luck and their emotional pain is so heart-breaking. Any particular brand of prenatals that you like in particular?

    Siena, I'll have to try that cheese. I switched over to Soy years ago (I've had a suspicion I was intolerant but refused to give up my cheese) and I recently started on Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze which is so delicious. The brand makes a great almond milk ice cream nugget dessert too. After having the Hydrogen breath test, it's confirmed so I have to cut everything out. I'll check out the fertility tracking website, too. Thank you!

    Rama, I'll have to ask once we get closer. I've been trying to find a suitable replacement, as I don't think long-term use of PPI's has been studied adequately, but for now the benefits outweigh the risks for me.
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Hi kinga- Welcome!  I was on BC for 16 years and have been TTC for the last 5 months. I found that the Taking Charge of your Fertility book was really awesome to understand how everything works. She is great at explaining all the 'signs' of 'O'ing. Honestly, I never really needed to know, so I didn't!

    I also use the corresponding website to chart everything. I started using the cheapie OPK strips the last 2 months and they have been helpful as I think I've been 'O'ing a couple days earlier than I thought.

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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Thanks cici! I'm trying to do as many ultrasound guided procedures as I can to decrease the radiation, but unfortnuately I can't avoid it altogether. I'm not in a position where I can read films all day like the other females in my department who are pregnant/trying, so I plan to double up on lead (20+lbs!) and reduce my doses as much as possible. I've been reading about others' experiences with coming off of Nuvaring and most haven't had a problem getting their regular cycles back so here's hoping!

    Misslilly, good to know! There's so much conflicting info about cheeses so good to hear that hard ones are ok. Mozzarella is a hard one to give up, I love pizza. Love the nightie advice...I was gifted with quite a few for our wedding/honeymoon!

    Misswolff, I'll check all those out, thank you!
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Good luck, Kinga. Ditto to what others said, especially the prenatals. I've heard some studies that women who take prenatals for 3 most before getting pg have decreased risk of a child with autism, as well as some other benefits. I have NO idea if that's conclusive, but it was enough to make me start early.

    Can't help you on your job, unfortunately, but definitely ask your doc.

    FWIW, I know everyone's different, but next time I am not going to take what I now think an overcautious approach to TTC from the beginning. I basically treated every 2 week wait after ovulation as if I were pregnant -- no forbidden foods, being careful with exercise, not a drop of alcohol. I think I drove myself more crazy than I needed to, because I was aware of every second during the 2ww. Lucky for me, I only took 4 months. Of course if it takes longer or you have trouble, there are reasons to be more deliberate, but it would have been a much more pleasant process for me if I'd started a bit more chilled out.
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Kinga - Look in to life insurance and get on a plan. Your life insurance is less expensive before you get pregnant, and before you give birth than afterwards.

    It sounds like whatever your job is, you should have someone on staff who can give you very specific, very confidential information about your environment and precautions you need to take. My SIL works in the lab at Merck (developing the HPV vaccine!) and had her space evaluated pre-TTC and she's now on her third pregnancy at that lab.
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    In Response to Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions:
    Kinga - Look in to life insurance and get on a plan. Your life insurance is less expensive before you get pregnant, and before you give birth than afterwards.Posted by ml2620-2

    This, for you and your DH.
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    I think what everyone else has said -- pre-natals, good diet, good exercise, evaluate home/work for anything out-of-band risky -- is great advice.  That's basic, solid good health for any woman of child-bearing years.  And a big "Yeah, do that" on the life insurance.  Trust me, it's easier to have these conversations now then when you're pregnant and emotional. 

    I would echo Arcain, though, in not treating yourself like you're PG during every 2WW, and I'd go so far as to suggest lots of date nights with DH, take a trip that would be tough to take with a baby, and focus on the fun parts of TTC (BDing!) rather than the clinical.  Not saying it's not important, but these next few months are probably/hopefully the last that you and DH will just be you & DH for ... well, forever.  So enjoy that time!
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Welcome Kinga! 

    I was on Nuvaring too. I didn't have any problems getting a regular schedule back once I stopped using it. My cycles fluctuated by a few days here and there at first, but nothing too crazy. I did have EVERY PMS symptom in the first few months. I didn't realize that could happen. Things got back to normal after the first two or three months though.

    I take the CVS brand of prenatals with the DHA supplement. I like that brand because the DHA is plant-based and I'm a little nervous about fish oil. It's also a lot cheaper and every so often CVS will run a BOGO sale on vitamins. I take mine after lunch and I very rarely get an upset stomach with them. (Prenatals are also FSA elligible if you have that type of plan.) 

    Otherwise, have fun! I really worried about getting my body ready as well. We just started actively trying, so we'll see how it goes. Good luck!
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Have lots of date nights with your DH, schedule a romantic getaway... enjoy girls nights out and girls weekends...

    It won't be impossible to do these things once you have kids, but it will be harder and more expensive if you need to pay for babysitters!!

    And good luck :)
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Ditto what Arcain and GC said - The first 2 months of TTC, I cut back on caffeine, but then decided it was silly to do it before it was necessary.  (That being said, I didn't drink a ridiculous amount of caffeine to begin with - just a medium coffee every morning, which I cut to a small once I was pregnant.)

    Personally, I would advise taking it easy for the first few months.  Do some reading to learn about when you're likely to ovulate and make sure to try around that time.  I waited until the 3rd month to buy ovulation strips and TCOYF... and was pregnant before I could read more than a few pages :o)
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Hi Kinga - I was on the pill 10+ years when I stopped.  It took me 6 months to get pregnant with DD.  It was all DH and I thought of, it was like our job, making sure we BD when we were supposed to.  It was weighing us down and making it no fun, especially since we were newlyweds.  The month I got pregnant with #1, it was begining of summer, we were really busy and did not think about it and it happened.  When we were ready for #2 I got off the pill to get ready and got pregnant, right away, first month off, never had a period.   We were not trying and it happened.   A fun night, just the two of us, after a halloween party and our DD was sleeping out for the night!

    I would just say, try and have fun and enjoy this time with DH before you start getting so crazy into trying to get pregnant.  Of course, if it does not happen, you should look more into it but I would say just go with it in the beginning and enjoy your time. 
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Hi Kinga - I'm totally with quadgirl and others who've said not to stress too much, or focus on it too much right out of the gate. If you're not in a big rush (and given that your doc told you to allow 6 months for your cycle to regulate before "really trying," it sounds like you're not), I personally wouldn't start temping and using OPKs for awhile. Especially if you're expecting your cycles to be irregular for awhile after getting off the might drive you a little nuts. I found temping to be stressful, design, it has to be the first thing you think of every morning, which for me, didn't always mean a great start to the day.

    I should say that I was TTC for a year before getting pg, and have ovulation issues (I ovulate rarely or never), which was the reason for my irregular periods and problems getting pg. I'm sure you won't have the same issues, but do know that just in case you don't get your period for 60 days after stopping the pill (I's getting fuzzy now), you can go to your doctor and get medication that will bring on a period. I think that can help to jump-start things for some women.

    Aside from all that, I'd echo the others about enjoying being a couple, traveling, all that fun stuff. DH and I crammed in a couple of international trips over the past year, knowing full-well that such things would be exponentially more complicated once we had a baby. Despite the $$ spent (a lot!), I think we'll always look back and feel grateful that we were able to do things like that before baby.

    Good luck to you! The ladies here are an amazing wealth of support and knowledge. Looking forward to hearing about your TTC journey!
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Welcome Kinga!  I can't add a thing to all the wonderful advice you've already gotten except to remind you that sex is still for you and DH, not just to make a baby.  Totally switching gears from love making to baby making is a mistake.  It's easy to get caught up in the timing and mechanics of getting pregnant and suddenly forget all about the closeness and physical connection that regular sex brings your marriage.

    The fact is, actually, that if you have sex 3 - 4 times a week all the time, you're covered to possibly conceive every month because eggs live 12 - 24 hours and sperm up to 5 days.  So, it doesn't have to be too complicated. ;)
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    All of this information is wonderful, thank you all so much. I feel extremely comfortable, despite being a virtual stranger, and that makes all of this so much easier.

    Good to note about the life insurance...I wasn't aware of the rates going up after you got pregnant. Everyone just says to wait until after you have kids to get additional coverage other than what you're employer provides.

    We mapped out some trips coming up over the next few months so we have lots to look forward to. I couldn't agree more with what everyone is saying about not stressing too much about TTC. I'm an "enjoy the journey" type of person, so I'm trying to set the stage for DH to make this a wonderful, not stressful, time in our lives. In the same token, I hope to be as prepared as possible for the journey when that time arrives.

    Kar, great advice. I've seen friends of mine during this time of their lives and you can just feel the tension between them. Yes, having children is important to us, but I don't want to lose "us" in the process.

    Thanks again everyone!
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    Yes, because if you lose "us" in the process (which could take years) and God forbid you never do get pregnant, what will you have when you stop trying to have a baby?  And, if you do have a child it will be harder than ever to connect with DH after he or she is born so a good "base" of emotional and physical connection will carry you through a dryer spell.  I was far too high strung about it with DH that first year, and, like your friends found, it was very stressful for both of us and didn't do our marriage (or TTC endeavors) any favors.

    Good luck!  Glad to see you here - have enjoyed getting to know you in Pets.
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    Re: Pre-TTC advice & questions

    I'd also add that you could start educating your DH on the process too (I mean, what he cares to know!). My DH knows *nothing* about this topic--window of getting pg, why you would temp, that there are certain foods to avoid during pregnancy, etc--and I found talking about these things helps us connect and think about how our lives will change afterward. Good luck with everything!