PreSeed and other aids

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    PreSeed and other aids

    It's me that I have discovered this group, I LOVE it and I keep thinking of questions!! Has anyone been able to find preseed in the Boston area? I can't find it in stores - I know I can buy it online but, hey times are tough and I would love to save on shipping!! Laughing Also, has anyone tried at home insemination? Where can you buy the tools for that? more thing - how about FertileAid for you think it is a gimmick? I know, I must sound like I am preparing for the ultimate month here, which...I guess I am!! hahahaha - I just got my period so I am now on the upside of the roller coaster where I am feeling very positive and ready to try new things (whereas a negative pregnancy test last week had me in tears in bed!) I am sure y'all might know what I am talking about Wink
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    Re: PreSeed and other aids

    I was able to purchase a Preseed-like product at CVS called "Pre Conceive Plus". It's another "conception-friendly" lube that has the right pH, etc. I have to say that we got pregnant the month we didn't use it--but I don't think that has anything to do with the product. More likely due to the proper alignment of many factors...

    Sorry I can't answer your other questions. Good luck.
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    Re: PreSeed and other aids

    If you go to the Preseed website, I think they let you do a pharmacy search. I seem to recall that the CVS in Brookline [Coolidge Corner] used to carry it.  I ordered it online but we never got around to using it.  AF arrived today and I am supposed to do 2 months of BCP after she departs to get my cycle back on track [longish story] so I doubt we'll be using it for a bit.  I've heard it works great though. 

    ETA: I was bored so I did the search for you. lol.  Brookline isn't on the list anymore.

    Here's the link:
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    Re: PreSeed and other aids

    In Response to PreSeed and other aids:
    " Also, has anyone tried at home insemination? Where can you buy the tools for that? "   Posted by cookiesandbrownies[/QUOTE]

         I have not read the last edition of "Our Bodies, Ourselves",  but the early editions gave not only great info on the female body, throughout life,  but on "the turkey baster method."  What you need to get, including a type of soft plastic tube with a bulb , larger than an eye dropper, smaller than a turkey baster, to do the deed.   A  good book, well researched, something you do not always know about websites.  Widely available used, not full of medical jargon. 

         These 2 groups do lots of information distribution on the subject, for clinics etc.  I have not been through their sites, but here they are:

    Fertility Plus

    Insemination Help - UK based, has Canadian and US sites