September TTC

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    Re: September TTC

    Thanks, all! Kar - sorry, didn't mean that prenatals would help with fertility. I was referring to preventing birth defects, etc., too. I also remember hearing some study that children of women who took prenatals prior to conceiving had way lower rates of autism, but I haven't heard anything about it since. 

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    Re: September TTC

    Ah, ok.  Interesting; I was talking to my doctor so long ago about all this that autism wasn't even much of a concern at least from a prenatal perspective. I think, actually, at that time it was assumed to be caused by vaccines. (Could that have been 13 years ago I talked with her about it?!)

    On a semi-related topic, I've read the super-gluten in "regular" flour is a suspect in a lot of such things, as well.  My mom is reading a book on modified foods that says general, mass-distributed wheat has 40 times the gluten it had originally.  If I were pg or TTC, knowing what I know about GMO food, I'd not eat any.  I know, it may sound extreme, but the more I read, the less it sounds like actual food.  And, therefore, I have to assume it's not good for developing brains.  I'm not judging anyone who doesn't think it's worth avoiding, but at least watch The Future of Food on Netflix before you assume I'm a health nut who's gone over the reasonableness edge.  wheat has been altered so much at this point (even more since that film was made) that I think it's wrong to even refer to it as wheat.  I bring it up because I'd be as careful about that as making sure I took the prenatal vitamins and got good prenatal care.

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