Spotting and exercise

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    Spotting and exercise

    I know I've asked a similar question before, but the exercise angle is new, so I'll ask again.  I've noticed that a few times after I work out reasonably hard [1.5 hours of classes] that I will spot afterwards.  It happens if I play tennis sometimes too.  It happened again today [Sat].  I'm on day 11 of my cycle and haven't O'ed yet.  Is it possible to mess up your system w/ too much exercise?  I eat well [ie, I've never dieted], don't have any weight issues [I've been my size/weight since I was 15] and don't think I exercise excessively.  On the days that this happens, I do a cardo/weight/ball class [1 hr] followed by a half hour abs class [we only did about 20 minutes today]. 

    I'm starting to wonder if my exercise routine is affecting our TTC.  I only do the cardio/weights/ball and abs classes 1x per week, do yoga 1x per week, but will do Pilates at home 1x per week and do the elliptical 4-5 days per week at 25-30 minutes per session. I'll use light free weights 2x per week.  I also walk [stroll] most days.  I'm not a gym rat, and don't think I exercise too hard [I'm the one valiantly trying to keep up w/ the pack, not in the lead. lol]  but I'm starting to wonder what's up w/ this spotting.  I've also noticed that this seems to happen most often when I overheat while exercising [I hate the heat].  I could just make a drs appt, but I'd rather avoid that it possible b/c my gyn moved out of state and I don't have a new one yet.  I could go see my PCP, I guess, but I thought I'd see what you all thought since between you all I think you all have the collective knowlege of any most gyns.  FWIW,  I'll be 37 next week and the last time we bd was Thursday.  Thanks ladies.
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Hey, ALF, I know you don't diet and are the same weight as ever which sounds like you are emotionally and physically healthy for being thin.

    If your percent body fat is too low (relatively speaking), it does affect your cycle even if you aren't anorexic, per se, but I'm not sure to what extent.  In other words I guess I'm not being too helpful, 'cause I'm sure you know that.  And, I've never heard of spotting as a result of exercise so I can't offer an insight there...  Hm, why am I posting?

    I can offer that you aren't nuts to wonder.  I hope you can get a more concrete answer from someone wiser in these matters than I am.

    Big hug, though. {{{{ALF}}}}

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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Hi Alf.  I agree with Kar.  If you have a low body fat this may be affecting your fertility.  In Alice Domar's book she recommends a 3 month trial off exercise.  She believes that some people (even normal BMI) are "exercise sensitive" but there is NO data to back this up which she readily admits.  I never did this trial b/c it would have driven me crazy to be infertile and not exercise.  I am normal weight and definitely am not lacking in the body fat arena.
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Actually, if you haven't put on an ounce since you were 15, and you're a size 0 jeans, I'd seriously wonder if you have enough body fat to sustain a healthy cycle.  Statistically, we girls actually put on bone mass until we're about 22.  You should have gained a few pounds, not judgmentally speaking, but bone mass speaking.  Your OBGYN hasn't considered this?  It's difficult to bring up with patients because they get defensive and say they aren't anorexic and all that so maybe they avoid the topic, wrongly.
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Thanks, ladies. 

    I've been charting for almost 2 years at this point.  I have cycles that are totally normal [26-29 days] w/ a 'clear ovulatory pattern'  [according to both my PCP and GYN].  I've never had any issues w/ regularity of AF.

    I have small bones, which I think makes a difference w/ weight.  I take a 3.5 ring size and can fit a child's bracelet on my wrist. I have yet to find an adult watch that fits. Basically, I'm a petite who grew too tall.  lol.  If I were 5'4", I'd look totally normal [and probably be a normal weight], but I'm 5'7" and weigh 115 on a 'fat' day.  People assume I eat like a bird when they meet me, but I seriously eat all day long [I generally eat 5 meals per day, just not super huge servings each time].  I also generally get icecream 1-2 times per week in the better weather [and 1x per week in the winter; I LOVE icecream.  ;-)].  The joke among my friends and family is that I have a hollow leg.  I just have a high metabolism.  I do have body fat, and no one has ever brought up the issue of anorexia [well, no medical professionals anyway.  lol] or not enough body fat.  I have been asked what I ate the day before and the dr always looks surprised when I give him a long list of what I ate, so I think they've considered the dieting aspect.  I had to keep a food diary b/c my allergist was trying to figure out if I was allergic to milk and wheat and she actually commented that I eat very well and alot of healthy food, even though I had the occasional pop tart and cookie thrown in.  She was amused by the pop tarts for some reason; I guess adults don't eat them very often, or at least admit to eating them.  :-) We also tend to have meat 6-7 times per week for dinner so protein isn't an issue. 

    I was laid up for about 4 months w/ a badly sprained ankle this past fall/winter.  I couldn't walk, so needless to say, I wasn't exercising.  I did notice an increase in EWCM while I was literally lying around doing nothing, but I still didn't get pg.  I actually lost a few pounds too since I lost muscle mass.

    We're going on vacation next week, but I may have to cave in and make an appt w/ the PCP when we get back. 
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    My aunt has me on a number of supplements to support getting pg, and calcium is one of them; I think it affects those hormones somehow. Are your bones dense for their size? All this stuff works so closely and intricately together - it's just mind blowing that anyone ever gets pg, isn't it? Keep us posted. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. ~kar
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Your exercise routine doesn't sound fanatical - BUT, it is alot and since you do notice spotting after exercise, maybe your body is being affected.  And if you noticed more EWCM while taking a break from exercising, I would say taking it down a bit in intensity wouldn't be a bad idea.  Those 2 signs would be enough to convince me to give it try.  I also second what kargiver said, if you are the same size you were at 15, it makes me wonder if you have enough body fat for ttc.  I'm a small person, size 4 ring/clothes (and I share your frustration in not finding bracelets and watches - nothing fits or looks good!) I think I carry an extra 3-5 lbs I wouldn't mind losing, in general, but I'm about 20-25 lbs heavier than I was at 15!  My main source of exercise in the past couple years has been daily walks 30-60min (w/ the dog), and about 1-2x week of light weights, and I always wish I was motivated to do more.  Maybe just stick with the Pilates/yoga/light weights and replace the intense cardio (tennis and class) with walking or light elliptical.  Or try wearing a heartrate monitor - I THINK they say to keep it around 140 bpm when pregnant, which is really not intense at all - but you could look it up somewhere and use that as a guideline.

    FWIW, the tabloids say Jennifer Anniston's doctor has told her to put on some weight in preparation for a pregnancy, lol (I've spent ALOT of time in doctor's office waiting rooms in the past few months, so I've read them ALL).  Also, a random coincidence, we were just washing our down comforters at the laundromat and an extremely talkative woman asked if we were going to have kids, we said we're trying.  She assumed we were having trouble ttc, and said she had alot of trouble getting pg, and that it was b/c she was exercising too much and was too thin.  She said she stopped, put on a little weight and it worked.  At the time I was sort of put off by the conversation and the implied suggestion that maybe that was my problem.  But she was just trying to help, and maybe there is something to it.

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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Hey Kar,

    I have no idea how dense my bones are.  I have taken a calcium supplement w/ magnesium for several years. I also have taken a B complex supplement and fish oil [bit A&D] supplement for years and years.  I used to take a multivitamin as well, but I switched to a prenatal about 2 -2/5 years ago when we first started TTC or at least thinking about it.  I will take a probiotic tablet a few times a week too. 
    I used to drink milk and eat dairy like it was going out of style [2-3 large glasses of milk per day; a yoghurt per day and I love cheese probably more than is natural :-)]. However, I have a dairy 'allergy'.  I'm sensitive to it - it congests me like crazy and makes me into a virtual phlegm monster.  Sorry, TMI.  lol.  I've had to cut back alot.  I use Lactaid, which makes somewhat of a difference. I still eat cheese, yoghurt and have regular milk in moderation [probably more than I should and much to the disappointment of my allergist], but no where near the quantities that I used to consume.  I refuse to give up icecream; I just acknowledge that I'm going to be uncomfortable for the rest of the night if I eat it - basically I'll sound like a 300 lb smoker w/ bronchitis.  My dentist is impressed w/ my teeth if that helps.  I'm going to be 37 next Sunday and have no cavities.  They attribute it to all the milk I drank.  I hope my teeth don't start falling out of my head now that I've had to cut back on dairy consumption.  lol.

    ETA: Lesal, the cardio class isn't super intensive. In fact, there is a 6 mo along pregnant lady in it. Obviously, she does modified exercises. She's the wife of someone my DH works with.  She did run marathons before she  got pg though.

    Also, I was pretty sedentary in HS.  In fact, I was a total bookworm nerd.  :-)  I may be the same weight I was in HS, but I'm in better shape now.  I do have a little pinchable fat around my tummy and hip area, even though the rest of me is pretty bony.  In fact, I'm basically all legs, arms and knees and have been that way since I was born. Every birthday I have to hear the story of how my Mom's mom streched me out on the table and said I looked like a plucked chicken and that they had to get some meat on me.  :-)
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Your bones were still growing at 15.  So, you put on bone mass and decreased fat until you stopped growing if your body weight stayed the same and you were a bookworm.  Now that you are still the same weight having put on a lot of muscle since HS, your % body fat is even lower to maintain the same weight.  Your weight should have gone up due to your growing for another 7 years (even if you didn't notice a big height increase) and for all the muscle you have put on.

    I'm making the assumption based on all this knowledge that your % body fat is just too low for optimal conception conditions.  I can't say if you are precluding it by all this exercise and maintenance of this extremely low body fat, but you are probably decreasing the chances.

    Sorry!!  I know you just want to be in excellent shape, but a super atheletic level body fat is counterproductive to being...productive. 

    I'd recommend, as hard emotionally as it may be, to cut back on the exercise and let yourself gain 5 - 10 lbs.  I'm no doctor, though, so take this advice for whatever you think it's worth.  Which could be nothing, and I wouldn't be offended.  It's the best advice I have, though, and I'm pretty confident you'd at least see less spotting and may increase your chances of getting pg.

    Best, ALF.


    P.S.  After all this downer stuff, can I still wish you a happy birthday, or will it sound cheap?! ;)  Happy birthday, anyway!!!
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Hi Alf.
    I am super surprised that your RE has not brought this up to you.  You have a low BMI which may be impacting your fertility.  It is a blessing 95% of the time but in this situation it may be holding you back a bit.
    I am well within normal BMI and was asked by the acupuncturist if I my BMI was low (she must have been blind :) ). 

    I agree with Kar that it is probaby worth an attempt at weight gain.  Have you ever been tested for celiac disease?  Just a thought b/c sometimes when people are working to gain weight and cannot, it is due to gluten allergy (probably not the case with you but just throwing it out there).  I am not one for taking advise re: nutrition and exercise b/c there is just limited data on it.  BUT, in your case I definitely think it is worth talking to your doctor about this.

    Happy, happy Birthday to you!!
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    ALF, I know what I'm suggesting is very difficult.  You know I'm thin and in shape, too, for how many times I've posted my gown (don't worry, I won't plop it in here again!), and of course you know I cook and am very health conscious.  It would half kill me to have someone suggest I'm too thin to conceive and I need to bump up my % body fat....  If I were still as thin as I was in college (size 0), I'd have to do the same thing.

    Anyway, my advice still stands, but I just wanted you to know I get how much it s*cks.

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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Thanks, ladies.  Esp for the Happy Birthdays.

    I'll make an appt w/ my PCP when I get back from vacation and see what he says.  The reason I exercise so much is to keep my asthma in check.  The cardio strengthenend my lungs so that I don't need to take Advair or any other daily asthma meds. I just have an emergency inhaler.  So, I don't want to decrease my exercise b/c there is a chance I will have to resume asthma meds and the ones that work for me are the ones that they don't have definitive evidence yet re impact on fetuses.  Figures. It's always a double edged sword.

    I don't know that I've been tested for celiac disease, but I've been tested for a wheat allergy. I'm sure she considered celiac problems.  [I already have an appt w/ her next month, so I can address it then].  I have some sensitivity, but not that much. The dairy affects me more.  I try to limit how much wheat I have, and try to stick to rice based crackers [I had to give up on the bread b/c non-wheat based bread is gross. lol], quinoa and other grains. I don't know how much wheat I ingest on a regular basis, but I know it's far less than the average American.  It's one of the things I look for on package ingredients along w/ dairy and soy. 

    If I gain weight, it all becomes fat around my middle and hips.  And I feel like total c*rap.  I'm now remembering that I did gain weight about 7 years ago, maybe about 10 lbs b/c I was on sterioids due to a really bad sinus infection, which caused me to develop asthma.  [God, my mind is going in my old age].  However, once I stopped taking the steriods [prednisone for several months], I dropped the weight.  Also, now that I think about it, while I was on BCP, I weighed about 120,  but dropped about 5 lbs once I stopped taking it.  If there is a way for me to increase my body fat and not have it just show up as a tire around my middle, I'm all for it. 
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Mm, if it's not one thing it's another - that was one of my great-grandmother's common sayings.

    We are genetically predisposed to putting weight on in certain body places.  No way to change that, no matter what the exercise gadget or fat loss supplement vendors say.

    I know what you mean about feeling disgusting having put on even 5 lbs over what is normal for us.  Others look at you like you have 2 heads, but I totally understand.

    Keep us posted with what the doc says.  Good luck!!!

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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Hey Kar, it's not total vanity re the feeling disgusting about putting on weight.  I physically feel logy and sick if I put on extra weight.  I felt awful when I was on prednisone and gained an extra 10 lbs [then again, I'm sure that had to do w/ the sinus issues I was having too since I couldn't breathe or function].  I'll admit that it's nice to look slim, but I have no problems just putting on a pair of Spanx or just turning off the light if I want to feel 'pretty' if you get my drift. lol.  I guess I'll just have to wait to hear what the dr says. 

    In  the meantime, I skipped working out yesterday and will skip working out today except for my yoga class, which I don't really consider to be a workout but just a good stretch.
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Gosh, I didn't mean to imply all vanity.  I feel awful over my target weight, too, for more than just how I look (or think I look) in my jeans.  I'm with ya.  I love Spanx for my "fat days."  Which I'm having today, by the way.  At day 33, AF finally showed up.  :(
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Sorry to hear that, kar.  I hope you feel better soon.

    I know you didn't mean all vanity. It's hard to talk about 'fat days' when you are skinny and people give you nasty looks b/c you look as if you don't have much, if any, weight to lose. :-)  I just call them gross bloated days instead and it seems to go over better. lol.  Weight issues can go in both directions, but for some reason people think it's okay to comment negatively on skinny people.  I never thought it might have any impact on being able to have a baby. Hopefully the doc will have some ideas. 

    Of course, our vacation involves biking and hiking Acadia National Forest, so I kind of bit myself in the but+ w/ that.  lol.
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Have a great time!  Stop at Young's Lobster Pound in Belfast.  We went there every year with my grandparents, and they have the best, biggest, hard shell lobsters around.  We used to top it off with fudge from Perry's Nut House down the street, but they closed a long time ago. :(

    It may be counterintuitive, but being too thin definitely impacts fertility in a negative way. Maybe it's nature's way of ensuring the pregnancy will supply enough calories and nutrients for the baby.  So, I hope the doc has concrete advice and a plan for you to deal effectively and heathfully with that issue.  I know my aunt distributes Standard Process supplements (only to her patients in PA and family far away because she wants to be able to monitor her patients), and I'm on some for hormonal balance/support.  That brand is only available from a certified healthcare practioner.  If you see a chiropractor or other homeopathic practitioner or nutritionist you can ask about it.  Their website is But, don't look for ordering info; it isn't there.

    Here's what I'm taking in case you want to ask your chiropractor or whatever about it:
        Black Current Seed Oil
        Hypothalamus PMG
        Pituitrophin PMG

    I can't discuss any of these intelligently; I just take what my aunt gives me.  But, if you search on them on the SP site, maybe they say something about them.

    Later, my friend,

    P.S.  Yeah, I like "gross bloated days."  I don't like being judged for being thin and feeling fat, either! 

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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Alf - I don't know if it means anything but since I have been going through the whole IUI thing.  After they specifically told me not to really work out and get my heart rate over 145.  So there must be some correlation between fertility and excercise. 

    It may be a good time for you to find a new Ob/Gyn.  You are going to have to find one eventually.  The girls on the is board seem to have a lot of good references.  Just a thought.
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Thanks, occ.  I'm in Southern Maine, so I don't think anyone could give me a referral for York, ME or Portsmouth, NH.  We are also moving in the fall, so I figured at this point I'd let finding a GYN slide till we move.  I can get my annual pap at the PCP.  DH is military, so I don't know where we are moving yet, so I can't set anything up in advance or even do any real research on drs.  I also need a military network provider and referral from my PCP.  On the plus side, I can always get an appt to a referral w/in 30 days [military requirement for network providers] so I won't be waiting for 3-4 months after we move like I would w/ an HMO.  I can't believe how much more user friendly military medicine is than HMOs [I was expecting total sawbones, but it's not. I think they are better than anything I dealt w/ at MGH or Newton Wellesley].

    I am going to make an appt w/ the PCP, but have decided to just keep my regular workout schedule as is unless I'm told by him definitively that it's harmful.  I figure that if there is a pg lady in my class and she's got her drs okay to do these exercises [w/ obvious modifications for ab work and certain moves] then I can't be doing too much harm.  Also, I calculated my BMI and it's 18.  If an 18.5 is recommended for optimal fertility, then I'm not that far off course.  And all I'm reading lately is that exercise during pregnancy is good for the fetus!  Of course, I can't find any articles that specifically discuss being underweight and TTC; plenty for being obese and TTC but none for being a little on the scrawny side.  Argh. 
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    I can't help you with the exercise/spotting piece, since I'm not a big excerciser (I walk a mile a day, and swim or play tennis sporadically, but that's it), but I wanted to chime in about the "being a little on the scrawny side" part.  I had no trouble conceiving (got pregnant on my honeymoon with an ectopic pregnancy), then got pregnant with DD within a couple of months of TTC after that, and I am 5'7" and 121 lbs (that's post pregnancy).  When I got pregnant, I was 108 lbs.  I was 35 when I conceived DD, so not much younger than you, either.  I delivered DD at 40 weeks (and 3 days) and she was/is perfectly healthy.  She's a peanut, but that's to be expected due to her genetics.  I think from what I read/learned from talking to people, being underweight can have a negative impact on fertility because it can inhibit regular ovulation, but if you know you ovulate regularly, that shouldn't be a problem.  I would probably be concerned about the spotting though, because it indicates that something is up, but that might be a separate issue that has nothing to do with your weight. 
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    I can't tell you how much better your post makes me feel, AM!  Thank you!!  It sounds like we have similar builds.  I don't think I exercise like crazy, although it does sound like alot when I write it out.  It never feels like all that much when I'm doing it, except for Saturday's class which can make me a little sore in the legs on Sunday.  I will still make an appt w/ the PCP, but am so relieve to hear that you conceived w/ no real problems. We've been trying for a while, but I think we just don't have enough sex at the right time.  I can't get DH on an every other day schedule, try as I might.  Thanks again. 
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Just a thought - the pregnant woman in your exercise class is already pregnant, so I think it's different because we're talking about getting pregnant, not being pregnant.  So is there a way to slow down your workouts but not stop them (drop one cardio workout each week, but keep the others, and drop 1 or 2 weight classes, for ex?) so that you can keep your asthma in check.  And, if you're worried about the asthma meds while pregnant, remember that once you get pregnant, you can hop back on that treadmill and drop the asthma meds! 

    I knew a woman who just couldn't get pregnant, after trying and trying and changing her stress level, job stress, lost weight, did more exercising, etc.  But kept on smoking a gazillion cigs per day.  Finally quit smoking and within a month (after 3 yrs of trying) was preggers.  So I'm just saying that perhaps it IS something so god-damned simple as a wee too much exercise for your small frame. 

    Also, remember that your sluggishness might have been not only the 10 lb weight gain, but the prednisone you were on that caused it.  Because prednisone has not-so-fun side effects.  But just having 8 lbs on might not make you sluggish, as long as you weren't on meds.  I dunno, I just think it might be worth a look.

    And a PCP might not have any freakin' clue - a zillion years ago I had one SWEAR up, down, sideways and inside out that my new BC pills could NOT be causing my massive gas problems - my tummy would be so distended I couldn't bend over sometimes, which coincidently started 8 months previous when she put me on new (updated, better) BC pills.  But I insisted on going back to my old pills and within a month my whole problem was gone.  Simply gone.  And never to return in the last 15 years.  

    (years later I mentioned that I thought my BC pill change had done that to me to a Nurse practitioner and she said, oh, yes, that's a side effect with some BC pills! argh!  I WAS right!)

    Now, go have a great time hiking all over the place (and then dining in wonderful places with wonderful food)!!!!! 

    PS.  And I totally eat poptarts.  The ones with the frosting on them.  And my cat LOVES poptarts - she chews the corners and makes sure she gets frosting.  So some adults still eat poptarts.  And cats.
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Thanks, CT.  My cat loves pop tarts too. Of COURSE you have to get the ones w/ the frosting!  Those are the best ones.  Strawberry is my tart of choice.  :-)

    I'll wait to see what the PCP says. I really like this one and will be sad to lose him when I move.  I'm still not entirely convinced exercise is causing the entire problem b/c I didn't start the cardio/weight/ball class and the abs class till March and we were TTC well before that. I was taking tae kwon do 2x per week in the fall [hence the sprained ankle], but we were also TTC before that. So I'll guess I'll wait to see what the doc says when I get back from vacation. 

    I also have no job stress b/c I had to quit my job after I married my DH.  We were too far away from my office and there is nothing for me up here. I can't wait till we move so that I can get a new job. W/ my luck, it's the LACK of stress that is causing the problem. I thrive on stress and I'm going out of my mind w/ boredom up here.  lol.   
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Going to see your PCP couldn't hurt, since I do think the spotting after excercising is odd, maybe the PCP will have some ideas and tell you to cut back on the exercise and that'll do the trick for you.  I think I recall you saying at some point that you didn't want to go to a fertility specialist, but I was wondering if you've had any testing done at all?  The reason I ask is that one of my friends was TTC for a while with no luck.  She was 36 at the time.  She charted and realized that she ovulated regularly, they BD at the right time of the month (dont' know how often though!), etc.  She kept wondering what was wrong with her, was she drinking to much caffeine, not excercising enough, whatever, she drove herself crazy over it.  Even though they didn't want to have any invasive procedures, they finally want to see someone just to have some testing done and it turned out the problem was not with her, but with her DH.  Once they knew this, they were able to reconsider their options.  Since they still didn't want to have treatments, they ended up adopting a baby and couldn't be happier.

    Maybe you've had testing, and this is a moot point, but it may be something to consider.  I think often, especially if the woman is AMA, we assume that something with her is preventing conception, but that's not always the case.
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    Re: Spotting and exercise

    Fruit poptarts?  Ugh, I see them as totally not worth the calories!  I'm a brown sugar poptart gal myself.  ALF, is it possible we disagree on something?!

    Blessings - still thinking of you, of course, on topic.  Just don't have any more to add.  Looking forward to hearing the update post-vacation and PCP visit.