Temping / Charting

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    Temping / Charting

    Anyone else temping (TTC or TTA). I started my last cycle because i had been thinking about it for a while and finally (after a longer than usual cycle that wasn't a pregnancy) decided that i had to try it. It's quite amazing to learn so much about your body just based on waking temps! honestly, the having to temp each morning is what kept me from doing this years ago and it's so easy, that i wished i had tried it then. i literally woke up yesterday morning and had my first low temp since O and knew it was the day my period would arrive and it did.

    i have only been temping for 28 days so i don't have all the ins and outs, but it is much easier and more interesting than i expected! (i am doing this in conjunction with reading TCOYF).
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    Re: Temping / Charting

    I too am temping with TTC next month. 
    I have found the temping is more telling then the CF.  It is harder to tell for me with that as mine is not very different - I am hoping this is not a bad sign as I have been temping for 2 months now and have pronounced temp changes.  My only issue is when I periodically wake around 5 am and need to use the restroom...I get up at 6 and sometimes i forget to temp before getting out of bed so I can catch a few more minutes of sleep.