Hi all - I have been over on the I&T boards for awhile since I have a 22 month DD, but we are getting ready to start TTC for #2. I went to see my midwife just to check in before TTC, and she recommended I do a gall bladder ultrasound because I had pain with my 1st pregnancy and was told I had gall bladder sludge.  I was able to manage it well with a low fat diet, and the pain did go away.  Well, on the most recent ultrasound they found the sludge is still there, and I also have a polyp.  I am not having any pain, but do often have some pressure in that area.

The surgeon is leaving the decision ultimately up to me, but seems to be recommending that I have my gall bladder removed to eliminate any future cancer risk and also to eliminate the risk of an acute infection during the next (hopefully!) pregnancy.

To make a long story short....I am just wondering if anyone else has TTC after having their gall bladder removed.  Did it cause any issues?  I am assuming I would have to wait a little while to let my body heal?  I am having a tough time with this decision, and I have this fear that taking out my gall bladder will affect me getting pregnant again.