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    My home is on the market.  I am using a listing service.  It is listed on the MLS.  I am doing everything possible to weed out non-serious buyers, however, my problem is with the agents.  My listing specifically states that current bank approval is required.  I have since had to also require that the buyer's agent produce a copy of a signed agreement with their clients.  When agents have called for an appointment I have stated this and their answer is always that they check out their clients.  That answer is no longer good enough for me. They show up for the appointment with so-called "clients"  who could care less about seeing my home. I believe that at least one agent brought a friend posing as a client.   I don't get it? I am offering 3% commission.  If I were an agent, I would surely want to check out the home "BEFORE" bringing my clients.  These agents are making appointments with me and have never seen my home.  For all they know, there could be 100 cats living here!! I know they are just snooping around and will be trying to get an exclusive in the future. I would rather not have any showings than to continue playing this game with these "AGENTS".  Isn't there a Realtor code of conduct that these people need to follow? Can it be possible that these agents are too proud to take only a 3% commission from a FSBO?  What gives?
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    Re: Buyer Agents

    bktty - I'm sorry to hear about your experience!  I had no idea that people did things like that, but what you say makes sense.  Thank you for sharing, this is something to keep in mind.
    Have you tried open houses?  The only reason I'm saying that is so you make your property available to buyers without the agent interference.
    Good luck!!