notice for leases

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    Re: notice for leases

    Hi Roswell 71

    The terms of renewal or conversion to TAW would be in your lease- what is written is what matters. There are so many variations of the "standard" lease, you would need to read yours to see what it says.  With the high vacancy rate, one would assume your landlord would want you to stay- or are they asking you to leave?

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    Re: notice for leases

    If you are asking about the notice requirements once you go to a month-to-month tenancy, assuming you are not under a lease agreement and are simply a tenant at will, 30 days notice is all that is legally required.  If some sort of lease agreement will still be in effect, then the terms of the agreement would rule.  I would not suggest that you stay under any kind of "tenant at will agreement", as these agreements are almost always very disadvantageous to you as a tenant in terms of termination or tenancy provisions as well as rent increase provisions.