Brokers lying about fireplaces in ads

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    Re: Brokers lying about fireplaces in ads

    Are you sreious?  I am sitting here by my fireplace and it
    it's blazing very nicely on this cold rainy night.  It's a gas firplace and I prefer it to wood - easier, cleaner, a more even flame, and probably better for the environment. Some fireplaces are wood-buring, some are gas.  Just like some stoves are gas, others electric.  They are both stoves.  I had a wood buring 'fireplace' once and once was enough!  Only gas a 'fireplace' for me for now on.  You're a little to quick to balme people about lying when all they are doing is acurately describing a property feature.
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    Re: Brokers lying about fireplaces in ads

    First off, stop calling real estate agents Brokers!

    Agents report to a manager who holds a Broker's license and oversee the activities of the individual agents.

    People use the term agent and Broker interchangeably and it is incorrect. A Broker and his/her office own the listing, even though the seller or buyer interfaces with an individual agent.

    Agents - or oftentimes a Broker who also actively sells in addition to managing - mislead the public about many things. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes on innocence or out of ignorance or just plain laziness. It only takes a sum total of (1) weekend real estate class to take the real estate salesperson licensing test, so how great do you think most agents are? There are some great agents, but the vast majority can’t do anything else well and real estate has flexible hours and very little supervision.

    The condo or home is supposed to tell a buyer if the home has a fireplace and which type of fireplace. Many agents just list it as having one without specifying the type, so that a prospective buyer will have to call them to inquire about the home and that gives the agent an opportunity to “pick up” the prospective buyer as a client.

    The bottom line on buying – or selling – real estate is BUYER BEWARE! You are not dealing with your Mother or someone out to protect your interests, wants, needs and desires. Sometimes an agent will, but they need to sell you a home or they don’t make their own rent or mortgage payments! They do not have the safety net of a salary as they are on straight commission.

    That is all you need to really know.
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    Re: Brokers lying about fireplaces in ads

    It is common to advertising that they are lying ,in fact sometimes i also used to be lied when selling a home .In Finland i am an real estate agent too at and i am doing my best to get home sales and sometimes i used to lied but i make sure that they can see the house and check it wisely cause sometimes lies are truth.