Burlington vs Waltham

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    Burlington vs Waltham

    My Husband and I are looking to purchase our first home and we were wondering how Waltham and Burlington compare as far as home prices and value for single family homes. We really like both towns but wanted to know in which we could get more bang for our buck.


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    Re: Burlington vs Waltham


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    Re: Burlington vs Waltham

    I have to give the edge to Burlington.  The north side of Waltham is every bit as nice as any part of Burlington, is closer to Boston/Cambridge, has a lower tax base and is home to top rated MacArthur Elementary School.   All that said, Waltham does have rougher areas with increased crime, density and more of an overall urban/city feel.  It all depends on what you're looking for.  Waltham has something for everyone but if raising a family in a small town environment is what you're looking for, then Burlington is the way to go. 

    I'm not too sure how much better, if any, the Burlington School system is over Waltham's but the lower tax base allows you to send your kids to private school. Kids from Waltham High go to Harvard University as well.  I'm all for a better school system, but we're not talking about making the decision between Waltham versus Weston schools.  Parents have to share some responsibility when it comes to their childrens' schooling, i.e.; checking homework, attending parent-teacher nights, knowing the parents of your child's friends, creating positive incentives, etc)

    I grew up in Waltham, went to school with kids of all races, nationalities and differences.  I didn't turn out too bad (IMO).  Some of my friends & co-workers live in Burlington.  Their houses and neighborhoods are great!!  It looks like you get more bang for your buck with the Burlington homes (cheaper price per square foot). 

    If you decide on Waltham, then stay with the north side (homes off of Trapelo Rd from the Lincoln line to the Belmont/Lexington line).  Warrendale and Cedarwood are also great neighborhoods in Waltham.  I can't speak about Burlington but it seems like a no lose situation either way.  Good luck!
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    Re: Burlington vs Waltham

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