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Towns Near Waltham

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    Re: Towns Near Waltham

         Why not Waltham's north side (bordering Lexington, Belmont and Lincoln)?  The schools in that area are very strong (Northeast elementary, MacArthur elementary and Kennedy Middle) not to mention Our Lady's Academy is a strong private school in that immediate area as well. 

         The houses in the neighborhoods off of Trapelo Rd are really nice especially down near the Belmont end of Trapelo Rd.  This would afford you a very short trip to Storrow Drive, Mass Pike, Rte 2, or Rte 95.  Lexington is nice but you will get much more for your money in Waltham's north side.  Look at the difference in taxes and the services you'll receive for your tax dollar.  With all of the corporate office parks there, the residential tax rate stays low. They still do leaf pick up in Waltham!! 

         There's also Watertown which is a really nice town as well.  The houses are a bit older there though.  Finally, Bedford is really nice as well.  The houses there have a lot of land.  The town seems to shut down at night unlike Waltham and Watertown where you can grab a bite to eat or drink after 9pm if you'd like. 

         Good luck! Drive around different areas on a random Sunday to get a feel of the houses and neighborhoods. 
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    Re: Towns Near Waltham

    Thank you for your thoughts. I may look to Bedford as well.  I am not as familiar with that town.

    I am familiar with Waltham and Watertown having friends living in those towns and living in Belmont for a year myself.

    Although the neighborhood you mention, I agree is very nice, I am more concerned with the school systems - particularly the high school.  I know teachers and administrators in Waltham so I would prefer my children not go to Waltham public schools.

    I would rather pay and get less house/land than to compromise on schools.  I am strictly looking for schools that are rated either 10 or 9.  My children currently go to private school, but with the costs increasing and with my husband's job moving are current location will be a bit too far.

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    Re: Towns Near Waltham

    I was in your position less then 12 months ago. 2 young children under the age of 3, a budget from the low $500's to $400. We waited the market out (looked for over a year), had a bunch of offers not get accepted, and thought we were priced out of this market. In the end, we ended up with our dream house in a great town. Things couldn’t have worked out better (though I’m sure I have gone gray a little early from the experience).

    My advice to you; refine your search to Belmont, Lexington and Winchester.  All 3 have great town centers, dynamite school systems, nice small town feels, and they all offer a ton of services.   (Newton may also be a good community for you and has a ton of inventory in this price range). Don't be afraid to look at properties in the high to mid $550's ... even if your offer will be in the low 500's. 
     Also, know what you need in the house and what you’d like, but are willing to sacrifice.  For instance, with us, I was dying for a fireplace in the living room, and also wanted central air.  I ended up sacrificing the latter.
    Lastly, if you don't like any of the current housing stock, wait it out until something hits you do love.  Don’t rush.  It’s like waiting for a bus... don't think you missed it, another one will be along shortly. 

    Did a little leg work and suggest taking a look at the properties below (Out of these, I like 319 Pleasant st, Belmont the best.).

    257 Cross st Winchester,  $499,990     5bd, 3bth, 2,908 sqft
    289 Marrett rd, Lexington,  $530,000   3bd, 3bth, 1,637 sqft
    261 Marrett rd Lexington,   $540,000      4bd, 3bth, 2,000 sqft
    319 Pleasant st, Belmont,   $550,000  3bd, 1.5bth,  2,165 sqft
    58 Harding rd, Lexington,  $555,000  3bd, 1.5bth,  1,650 sqft
    9 Tufts rd, Winchester  $565,000   3bd, 2.5bth,  2,160 sqft.

    Best of luck!!!

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    Re: Towns Near Waltham

    Thanks.  Our first choice is Lexington.  We are very willing to compromise on the house and what is in it.  We have very few must haves as we prefer renovating any how - that way for example, we will have the kitchen exactly as we want it.  Our very few requirements (and unfortuantely two of the ones you mention in Lexington do not fit the bill)....not on a busy street, at least .30 acres (so room to expand if we decided) and at least 1300 sq feet.  We'd prefer at least 3 bedrooms, but for the right situation would settle with 2 and expand later on since our daughters now share a room. 

    I'd figure with all the older homes that a/c would be out - but would like to add central air later.  We did see one that falls within this potental and with the price $420k - we could renovate the heck out of it.  Not sure if you are familar with Patterson Road - it is on that street - we have not visited it yet as we won't be ready for a few months.

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    Re: Towns Near Waltham

    I would encourage you to consider Needham real estate, as well. The median price for 2010 was almost $80,000 less than Lexington and the school scores are comparable. I did place a buyer in Lexington last year and they are quite happy with the town, but they could afford a million-plus home. If you are looking for excellent schools with a bit more affordability, you might consider some Needham homes before you make a final decision. It's a great town. I've lived her my whole life and really enjoy it's strong community spirit and all that it has to offer. Good luck!

    Sandy Balzer Tobin, ABR
    Accredited Buyer Representative
    Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
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    Re: Towns Near Waltham

    In Response to Re: Towns Near Waltham:
    Thank you - yes looking at Needham - at least from what I can gather, it appears as if it would fit in with what we are looking for.  We will have to (once we get a free weekend and maybe some snow melt) to take a drive through as I am not familar with the look of the town.  I have heard positives things about Needham.
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    Re: Towns Near Waltham

    Watertown is a good location - easy access to downtown and the pike.  Some real nice houses in near the Oakley Country Club. 

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    Re: Towns Near Waltham

    I have to go with Watertown or Belmont -- Watertown for the great  public transportation to everywhere, and the prices and improving schools; Belmont for the schools.

    A traditional and now underused route to home ownership in Belmont (and Watertown, too) which I took 25 years ago is buying a multifamily.  There are many nice multifams in Belmont, and the cost monthly is much less than living in most other towns. We live  in a nice 9-room owners unit.  You get the schools, trans, etc., for much less cost.

    Two-family homes are not the immense bargain they used to be, but they're still pretty good.

    Ron Rothenberg
    Exclusive Buyer Broker
    4Buyers RE
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    Re: Towns Near Waltham

    dear MD37

    the two houses on Marrett rd  in Lexington are under agreement or sold.  257 Cross, Winchester is under agreement.

    57 Pleasant in Belmont is under agreement.

    Only 58 Harding Road  in Lexington and 9 Tufts in Winchester are still on the market.

    That's a very tough market segment to compete in these days.  Anything good and well-priced goes awful fast.


    Ron Rothenberg
    4Buyers RE