what does a 100K renovation look like?

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    Re: what does a 100K renovation look like?

    About 9 years ago we added two dormers to the front of a cape  (each one was 5' wide) + a portico over the front door + put vinyl siding on the house, breezeway, and attached garage (the kind that looks like shingles).  We also replaced 4 large casement windows that were rotting out of their frames & had part of the sill replaced due to old water damage.  All that was between $21k & $22k.

    On the flip side, I went to Expo about 7 or 8 years ago to get an estimate on updating a 5' x 8' bathroom - and they said $50k.  I was moving the tub & sink, but it was on the first floor & the toilet was staying in the exact same location.  I went with another option (obviously) and came in way under that figure.  I think that was $11k - $12k by the time we paid for all the fixtures & labor & stuff.  Considering we gutted it to the studs, that seemed reasonable.

    However - kitchens are notoriously expensive & plenty of people spend $50k to remodel a kitchen without moving a single wall (or adding any space).  What are they spec'ing for the cabinets & countertop material?  What are they spec'ing for the flooring?  Is your house old enough that they need to be worried about the new lead paint laws?  All of these variables will have a huge effect on your bids. 
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    Re: what does a 100K renovation look like?

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    We recently spoke to a number of contractors about the possibility of doing a small kitchen bump out for a mudroom and extra space in the kitchen. We thought it would not be extensive pluming or electrical and would be in the 30-50K range and were shocked - SHOCKED - to get bids back in the 80-100K range. Can anyone tell me what you did in terms of a renovation and what it cost? I'm enjoying all these pictures about people's renovations, and I'm curious - what does a $100K buy you in eastern MA in terms of renovation? I wish the Boston Globe would do a photo series on this topic of what does x $  get you in a renovation.
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    Cost is a factor of what you are doing/getting.  The kitchen and bathrooms are almost always the most expensive rooms to renovate and rough plumbing and rough electrical costs are a tiny part of either.  In your case though, you aren't just doing a kitchen renno. A "small bump out" is going to require some structural work to the existing structure since you are pushing through a wall and then you have new foundation, framing, siding, windows/doors, roofing, flooring, etc... for that bump out.  You're doing an addition AND a kitchen renno.

    Compare 3 possible situations:

    House "A" has a 20'x30' open room for a kitchen. 

    House "B" has two 20'x15' open neighboring rooms with a wall between them.

    House "C" has only a 20'x15' room.

    For all of them to get to an equeal starting point, "B" is going to have to spend $5-10K to get one 20'x30' room to match "A".  "C" is going to have to spend $40-$50K for a 20'x15' addition to get there.

    AFTER you've gotten to that point "A" still has $100K to furnish their kitchen.  "B" has $90K and "C" only has $50K.   A's kitchen in going to end up "nicer" (i.e. better cabinets, fixtures, flooring, applicances, etc) than C's every time.  ;)
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    Re: what does a 100K renovation look like?

    Keep getting quotes.......Unfortunately, pricing varies widely between contractors even though the scope of work remains the same.  You'll eventually find someone who can accomodate your budget and requests.  What area are you looking for contractors in?  Greater Boston, Metro West, Cape, Northshore, etc? 
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    Re: what does a 100K renovation look like?

    I'd ask for a detailed quote breakdown.  Sometimes there are 'allowances' they have added because you haven't yet told them exactly what you want for cabinets, lighting, etc.  It could be those are higher than you want to spend.

    A good contractor will show you where all the money comes from so you can see what you want to cut to get to a lower price.

    We thought we had a $250k project which is coming in at $450k.  Wishfull thinking!  It's backed up by detail we just hoped it would be less.
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    Re: what does a 100K renovation look like?

    And don't forget, it may be cheaper to move.  In some areas houses above the median selling price are taking a larger hit than houses at or below the median.  So if you thought your house was worth $400k, it might only be worth $325k.  But a house that used to be worth $600k might be down to $425 or $450k.  That might be a better deal if you get other benefits as well - like a nicer location or larger yard.
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    Re: what does a 100K renovation look like?

    100K is a lot of money but renovation is really a very expensive plan,cause in Finland almost 300K he spend for his home renovation for changing the suunnittelupalvelut or design of his home but the money is worth it cause it turns into a nice result.