"Premature Speculation"

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    "Premature Speculation"

    I can't believe all of the posts on here about the next round!! They have to get past Philly first guys and as a hockey fan I just happen to be a little superstitious... I hope we haven't jinxed it!!!  I know, I know, if you've been reading other threads I am guilty of "Premature Speculation" myself...some of the posters on here just get me all fired up!!!! Hahahaa 

    I'm not trying to be negative but I would be much more comfortable posting on here after win #4!!!! Then I'll turn over and go to sleep!!! Hahahaha
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    Re: "Premature Speculation"

    I agree let's take care of business with the Flyers first before talking about the conference final.
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    Re: "Premature Speculation"

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    Re: "Premature Speculation"

     "Premature E-Speculation"
    Taking one in Philly was huge. Hopefully, it pays off tomorrrow night. Otherwise the next round (and next season, and the lower draft, etc., etc.) is just a dream at this point. TCB on the ice B's.
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    Re: "Premature Speculation"

    Maybe, it is just superstition talking, but I agree 100% !

    Let's stick with the tried and true playoff cliches.

    "One game at a time."

    "It takes four wins to advance to the Conference Finals."

    "Give 110%."

    "It is what it is."

    Our complete focus should be on getting that fourth win in this series.

    Go Bs Go !
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    Re: "Premature Speculation"

    Very thankful I'm not the only one feeling this way. Stop looking ahead to the "next" round. It aint over til it's over. Bruins fans should know better.

    Each game but 1 has been decided by just 1 goal. Krejci gone. Sturm gone. Stuart not at 100%. Gagne back. There's a lot to be nervous about, just as there's a lot to be positive about: Last shift change for home ice; the crowd; the 5-0 post season record at home; Savvy getting back to speed; Tuuka still playing great; the 3 games to 1 lead.

    But let's have the B's take care of business FIRST: Win Tonight...THEN speculate about the Conference Finals.

    Here's a thought: How about Ryder getting back into the mix and scoring a huge--possibly game-winning--goal for Boston tonight?