In Response to 1 800 BBruins:
I know how some of you hate cut and paste. But I could not say this any better than it is being said here. How to break out of the early-season doldrums? Dial up 1-800-SEND-PENS. Crosby is a talent and aging icon Mario Lemieux still slick. But the troubled Penguins are 0-4-4 after eight games, the only winless team in the NHL, and already are in need of an extreme makeover. You could say the same for the Bruins in some aspects. The rumors are true that the Oilers are looking for offense. Goes to show that the new NHL is about Balance. We have none and so does many teams. We need to trade now to salvage the season in this new climate there will be too many teams that will run away with the divisions. Impossible to catch in December. This will not bring the tight races everyone predicted I can gaurantee that. There will be some cinderella stories sure, but there will be a decisive winner in each division and it will have been determined by the regular season. Unlike hockey of old where you could have sucked all season and then win the cup. It will no longer be that way. This Bruins approach to wait and see will not boad them well. Mark my words if they do not rein in these problems now as early as the season is it will only get worse not better. They may have key improvements at times but it will not be not enough to stop an Ottawa from running a way with a division title and unstoppable in the playoffs. Look around at other games. DO you see the same lack luster effort or hitting or defensive effort NO. Don't judge what you saw against Pitt and don't wait until it is too late and there is nothing to trade for and the other teams have all their chemistry in place. Funny thing this new NHL is proving that two defense is a thing of the past . Just like indoor soccer. If you have noone to mind the store you will be giving cookies away all day long. The offense must play tireless defense. Goals against mean as much as goals for and you cannot blame this on Razor although I would throw Hannu out with Thomas for trade bait. We have our goalie for years to come don't be fooled. This kid will just get better. We have Leahy and Boyes waiting in the wings. Trade Sammy and Zhamnov or Fitz and Scatchard and be done with it. Lets get back to playing gritty hockey. Why do you think we have tooo many forwards because management knew we would need defensive help and they just needed to figure out who the wanted to trade to get the right defensive elements. Leetch is a bust and so is Moran. We would all need to string up Gill, but truth be told the core is wrong and needs to change now or the season will not be able to be salvaged. Look at the 1 800 Rent a Pens for a wins program. Let it not be us.
Posted by Macfact