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2 Top 5 Picks??

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    2 Top 5 Picks??

    Really?? REALLY??  Wow!!  That's what this team is shaping up to be.

    After an initial strong start (Chara / Savard signings), PC has gambled on the Wideman trade, the Jurcina trade, the Ryder & Sturm (re-sign) deals, the Morris deal, keeping Recchi (resign - eyesore IMO), even Julien (Dave Lewis was a catastrophe) with his history of losing teams and getting dumped late in seasons. 

    His only good moves are bottom of the roster moves, I like Yelle, Begin, bringing up a Bitz / McQuaid, but the top of the roster moves outside of Chara / Savard have been just awful.  I won't even weigh in on Kessel.

    So here we are getting smoked by a bad Hurricanes team.  SOOO many holes on this squad..

    Is it time to fire Julien? PC?  Big time trades, like say trade a Thomas, Krecji, Ryder, Sturm, Wideman, Morris, Chara, Bergeron? Really anyone on the roster outside of Rask in my book.  I know not all of them and I'm not throwing the towel in on the year, but I am interested in everyone's thoughts.
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    Re: 2 Top 5 Picks??

    CJ all the way.  Being generous you give him one total flop game a year.  That happened last week against the Sens.

    It's as if there is no coach there.  I am seeing no cohesion at all, none.

    I'm seeing no discipline at all.  Wheeler's horrible offsides shorthanded, Chara doesn't even touch Whitney, you can't let that go as a coach.  People got to help accountable Norris trophy winner or Providence call up.