2012 Year of the Bruin

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    Re: 2012 Year of the Bruin

    Ya might want to learn more about the cap...of the $3.725 million only 900K counts against the cap...the remaining $2.85 milion fall under bonuses which then falls under the bonus cushion.

    $55.168 Million was the Bruins Cap Number at seasons end.(not including buyouts)
    60.467 Million was their Total Cap hit including a $4.260 Million bonus cushion (Wheeler, Looch, Tuuk etc...)

    Only entry level contracts are eligible for Bonuses.
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    Re: 2012 Year of the Bruin

    The bonus's still count if earned. Depending on how good Hall/Seguin end up being they could be pushing the cap+bonus cushion in their second year.


    Regardless the team has at least $7million to spend and could look to add a good FA in 2011-2012 and roll out two lines that can score.

    I have Wheeler at $3 because if the Bruins resign Wheeler I think he will want what the max an offer sheet would be. If a team signed him to an offer sheet for $1.5 to $3 million they would only give up a 2nd round pick. I think teams would put out an offer sheet between $2.5-3mil for a 20-20 guy with potential for that.

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    Re: 2012 Year of the Bruin

    Well i wouldnt give wheeler 3 for 2 reasons, one he has not proved this yr hes as good as last yr and 2, the bs might get something better in return if he goes.. IMO a 1 yr at 2 mil to see if he improves over this yr.
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    Re: 2012 Year of the Bruin

    No one is going to show up with an offer sheet for Wheeler.
    Recchi will get the same money as this year.
    Your estimated salaries are way way off.
    Paille at 1.5?  No way.  Stuart at 2 mil?  No way.  Boychuk 2 mil after one good season?  No way.  Sobotka 1.5 for a few decent playoff games?  No way.
    Seidenberg sounds about right. 
    The only estimated salary I might see is Satan at $2 mil - but he's not going to get that out of Boston.