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    50% THERE

    Our defensive game is back to where it was last year we all can agree. The physical aspect was there for a bit minus a couple exceptions. When lapier started his sh*t and ference tried to fight him was a good thing but ference let him go. Piere Mcquire from tsn said that lapier is starting to get a reputation for that around the league so why not drop the piece of sh*t get the emotion rolling in the building and on the freaking bench. Stuart and Sob played solid physical game tonight props to the them. As for Chara had a nite when he could have sent a message by planting the midgets into the front row nothing. Recently watching games when Chara rushes the puck gets to the other teams blue line dumps it in and chases it he looks like heès on a mission cj should try him forward for couple shift guarantee he will draw penalties just a thought but on powerplay play him forward in front of net. Let the big man go cause when he rushes sh*t happens but he backs of to d to quickly. Otherwise score some goals play more physical and we will start to win again
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    Re: 50% THERE

    defense is fine... expect for Wideman losing an edge... lets pray no defenseman het hurt or get the swine flu... then forget it.