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A lost locker room!

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    Re: A lost locker room!

    I agree, look at the Pats same thing there they had to many leaders exit that locker room and you could see it on the field, same as here now with the Bruins you an just see it out there. They should bring Ward back.
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    I can't see keeping a couple of defensemen who have little value on the ice for their leadership qualities in the locker room.

    Sure Ward was a good guy, and great at blocking shots. Hnidy would drop the gloves and stand up for teammates. But my God, they both skate so slow, like they were in cement.

    The team has enough veteran presence so that this should not be an issue. What the hell is wrong with Recchi, Chara, Sturm and Satan? These guys have been many years in the league. They should be able to pick up any leadership slack left by departing veterans.
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    Shawn Thornton's 4:56 minutes of ice time last night (vs Blue Jackets) is cause for optimism. Perhaps Coach Julien is starting to hear the footsteps himself? After a year and a half of wanting everyone to like him - calling players by their nicknames (yuck), perhaps Coach Julien has forgotten that 4th line guys have to earn their ice time like everybody else. Coaches have to make hard decisions all the time and the players don't have to like it. With 30 games to go, Coach Julien has got to start shortening his bench.  Ice time is still the sharpest tool in a Coach's box. If the team doesn't respond, well then...maybe the locker room was never his to begin with.
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    Don Awrey was a great shot blocker.

    He must have taken a few in the head.

    I'll excuse him because of this.
    Now lets' move on.

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    Re: A lost locker room!

    OK, NOYFB, you asked for a response........I do agree that the leadership is lacking, however I think that has a lot to do with Axelsson and even Yelle being gone as well as Ward.  Say what you will, but Axelsson would run through a wall for the Black and gold and even left for Sweden instead of playing for a different NHL team.  Zilla, I agree with 3 of the 4 guys you mentioned.  The one I disagree with is Satan.  He's new to this locker room and has a history of kind of loafing, not somebody you'd want to be directing a locker room.  It's not just being a veteran that makes you a leader, you need leadership qualities.  I actually think Wheeler has shown some leadership qualities that last week or so, coming out last week saying he was sick of the excuses, the teams to needs to forget about the injuries, and basically saying that the entire team needs to play 100%.  I think he, with Bergeron, are two guys that have played their a**es off recently.  But, leadership only works if the other guys are willing to listen.....

    By the way NOYFB, next time you're running around St. Laurent mocking Habs fans, make sure you hit the intersection with Rue Rachel, I have a friend who is a big Habs fan that lives right there and I'd love to have him heckled in his own neighborhood!!!
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    I guess Wardo brought that same attribute to Carolina?

    I agree that the locker room is not the same, though.

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    Re: A lost locker room!

    I know it's a cliche, but it starts from the top down

    Owner - GM - Coach ... you don't need to look any further
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    W.T.F indeed 'NOYFB'. Your header said 'a lost locker room'. You talk about leadership etc. Making a buncha guesses, same as anyone. There are many ways to lose a locker room. There are many ways a locker room becomes lost. Your theory is but one. You suggest (vociferously) it's 'chemistry AFU', you posit that Ward was last year's locker room leader and that the team is missing that.
    I'm saying, that Julien has contributed to the rudderlessness by granting everyone the same amount of ice time regardless of skill set regardless of effectiveness or role, regardless of EFFORT. This might make some people happy (ie Shawn Thornton's looked too comfortable for too long and i don't want him...comfortable), but its gotta make other people irritated (Bergeron, Savard etc who should be playing no fewer than 20 minutes a game)
    It would appear by the amount Thornton is quoted post game, by his 'Vlog' etc that he might be considered a 'locker room leader'. How did that happen?
    If the chemistry is off in the Bruins locker room, my theory is Julien, by rolling 4 lines, no matter what, has created an entitlement-resentment clash it is a Coach's job to massage, manage and manipulate his players. it is a Coach's job to win. Chemistry comes from winning.

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    Re: A lost locker room!

    The players are still looking for the Prov locker room.
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    I would take Ward and Whitney from Carolina for some later picks and Satan.
    Both are on the block.
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    Chemistry is done in a lab.

    We are Chia pets looking for the chiase not looking for the freakin puck.

    They need a good drunk and a bar fight like all the feel good movies, something anything at all. They need to get ugly and peeved off and to play with Truculence for a full game not watch a fight and clap each other on the shoulder and lay side bets.

    I didn't play pro or even close, but I have played enough hockey to know that if I hadn't received a few whacks on my shift I hadn' worked hard enough, I haven't seen much of that except Stuart and Nash last night.
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    you would think that a vet like recchi would have taken that responsibility over, he is a future hall of famer and should command alot of respect, but we dont see what goes on in the locker room so its hard to say.  i think the players should be there for each other for sure, but at the end of the day it should be the coach that makes players accountable, not the other players.  what are the players going to do?  say "dont be so shitty! or im not going to pass the puck to you?"
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    I don't think the dressing room is the same and there might just be a personality conflict or two lingering here.  Not playing as a team.  Good teams become great and average teams become good ones when they are all on the same page and genuinely pulling for one another.  In 07-08 and 08-09 the B's had that "feeling".
    Something isn't right here and I think it started when Kessel was shipped out which instantly creating a divide in the room.  The mistake PC made was not getting rid of the few pro Kessel guys left in that room.  I don't think there are many in there now and we don't really know who they might be but one for sure is Wheeler.  We know this because his yap stated it over the summer and into the fall.  Clearly there were some vets in the room who could care less about Kessel leaving but a guy like Wheeler was obviously in Kessels corner. 

    That said, I think Wheeler is starting to lose some respect in that room as well.  His "leadership" is artificial and I wonder what the rest of the vets think about a second year guy talking about how talk is cheap and blah, blah, blah.  The guy hasn't played the same since he burnt out mid way through last season but seems to be the loudest guy in the room.

    Something isn't right.  Notice after Wideman (his issues aside) drilled Wheeler with that dump in attempt, neither guy approached the other.  I expected Wideman to go over and at least acknowledge the accident.  I could have missed it watching on TV but I didn't notice a word between the two.  Good teammates pulling for one another don't react that way to that type of play.


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    Re: A lost locker room!

    NOYFB... Don't take offense but unless you are in the locker room day in and day out  you have no idea what the culture is inside the room . No one does!.. It really amuses me when fans pretend to know or try to assume what is currently going on inside the locker room of sports teams.  Mind you it only gets brought up when the team is struggling as the Bruins are..

    The two most over used excuses are 1) It must be a Chemistry issue . 2) The Coach has lost the room ?  Neither applies to the Bruins at the moment..From what we read in the papers the players seem to like each other and play for each other at least judging by quotes that I have read.... They are in a Slump... pure and simple...and when your losing the confidence level of any team will take a hit.. Yes, they are short handed.  Yes they  lack offensive talent . Yes some of their important players are having off years ie Krejci Wideman, Wheeler, Ryder . This team cannot afford to have this many players having off years and be successful..

    I think Ward's value to the Bruins last year was overplayed to be honest.. most times he just liked to hear himself talk and never met a mike he never liked..He was a quote machine and the local media could always run to him for a something to say....therefore got a lot more play than what he actually deserved.. How is he doing in Carolina? Thought so..

    Also as a fan of Chara..I will also take you up on your  comment :
    The Captain's C should go to the B's player who has earned it on the ice!

    Please, this guy plays hurt, takes more abuse from opponents then you and I would tolerate  because he knows he is more valuable on the ice to his team than off it..shuts down the premier players in the League.. is probably the most feared player in the NHL and your telling me that he hasn't earned it on the ice?? James Norris Trophy must mean something right?
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    The B's may be lacking some chemistry this year, but like zillagod said a little while ago, why aren't the remaining veterans like Chara, Sturm or Recchi stepping up to create that chemistry. There is no debate that injuries & having guys out of the lineup have hurt this team this year. However, the last time I checked wasn't Chara the captain of this team. If the coach cannot get them on the same page, doesn't that responsibility fall on the captain's shoulders? May be it is time to start benching some guys that aren't willing to put in a consistent effort night in & night out. 
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    Re: A lost locker room!

    I think Wideman was more embarrassed due to his terrible showing last night after getting called out...almost thinking, "geez, when it rains it pours".....and trying to find a hole to jump into.  About Wheeler saying something, I'd rather a 2nd year guy say something than NOBODY saying anything at all.  And I agree with NOYFB on Wheeler, he's been one of their better forwards since saying something, so at least he's putting his $$ where his mouth is while some of the other vets just keep saying "we've got to get better" or "this will turn around".....we're all still waiting.........