A shameful performance...

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    A shameful performance...

    They never showed up. Fans were so geared up and the Bruins just weren't. Came out not to lose instead of playing to win. Every one of them should have come out at the drop of the puck skating like their hair was on fire - instead we get this Ice Follies stuff - up and down the ice, now keep to your positions, girls!

    I'm disgusted! And they should all look in the mirror and be ashamed.

    BTW, I've been a supporter of Julien since he's been here but he has to take a big part of the blame here too. If you can't get your team up for a game 5 clincher on your home ice, maybe you've lost the locker room. 
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    Re: A shameful performance...

    There is no problem with goaltending.  The effort tonight is embarrassing and for that you have to blame humpty dumpty for not getting his team ready to play.  They have been out-hustled with the Flyers playing at full speed and the Bruins playing in slow motion.  If you take a picture of a Bruin player tonight he is coasting toward a Flyer player with one hand on his stick while the Flyers pass the puck around them.  The Bruins are down 1-0 when Boucher gets hurt and a goalie who hasn't played since March comes in.  Do the Bruins shoot a bunch of pucks at him early?  Of course not silly.  Does their coach do anything to change momentum - why they are fine, no need to panic.  If they lose this series Julien should be fired.  It is not just about losing but the fact that on home ice with a chance to close the series out he has not gotten his team prepared to play.  Can any Bruin handle the puck tonight - even Savard and Lucic have been horrendous.  As far as Wheeler goes sit his ace on the bench and Ryder can you skate any slower?  Those pair are a joke.