After reading some of the articles and comments.

Paul Maurice, Jim Rutherford and Scott Walker all need to stop talking! 
Colin Campbell needs to go
  • Maurice and Rutherford come off as idiots
  • Walker should be ashamed of himself for his actions and comments, and looking over his shoulder at all times
  • Campbell should resign from his post with the league. I would love to know what his reasoning is; does he have a logical thought process on how the Ward incident does not garner a suspension? Or is because he thinks the Walker claim of a being in an altercation is valid. Did he review the tape?
I'm hoping for a big game tonight and have the Canes back in Boston for a game 7.

If for some reason the Bruins come out and lay an egg, I hope Lucic goes air bourn, from about 10-feet and breaks Walkers jaw for talking so stupid.