Any one else gonna really miss Dale A.

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    Any one else gonna really miss Dale A.

    I listen to WEEI every day and the more I listen to dale the more I feel like its just not going to be the same. Granted I have season tickets and dont get to watch much of it, but after a game I go home an watch the rewind for any fights or good goals.. I am just not sure what to expect from the other goon announcer. They should have bob beers go on the air??? jack edwards is so boring.. and dry...
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    Any one else gonna really miss Dale A.

    Dale better talk about hockey on WEEI. All Dale brings to the table is hockey, and Bruins talk. Nobody listens to Dale to hear his opinion on the Pats, C's, or Red Sox thats for sure.

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    Any one else gonna really miss Dale A.

    I am honestly wondering how Im going to watch the games without Dale. He was awesome, one of the best hockey announcers on any network Ive heard in a while. Jack Edwards is horrible and Brickley is a worse announcer than he was player, PERIOD! Those 2 together are going to suck hard. Dale knew the players on a personal level, knows the game in and out and was a fine announcer. They really screwed themselves over this one. The games are going to be unbearable to listen to. Anyone who says Dale didnt know hockey or is a phony has no clue. The guy has been doing hockey since way back in the late 70's, early 80's up here in Maine for college and the Mariners. At least one of his kids plays and he is very involved. Dale is a true hockey guy through and through and I know myself and everyone I know up here in Maine will sorely miss him on NESN. Jack the Joke and his horrible one liners like "Stick a fork in it", screaming "GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL" even when the other team scores and over enunciating everyones names like Thorn-Ton, Mar-Ra, Ray-Croft, etc., is ridiculous. The guy is an announcer from ESPN, has no clue about the game and cant call a game for crap. Andy (I had no skills as a player, less as an announcer, know-it-all) Brickley has no personality what so ever, couldnt call his way out of a wet paper bag and acts and talks like he is the end all and be all of hockey knowledge really burns me. If you know so much Brick, how come you didnt know you were a joke of a player and shouldnt have EVER played at the NHL level?

    Put Dale back on and put Gordie Kluzak back up there with him and the games will be entertaining to listen to again. Those guys had chemistry together. Im not saying they were better than other announcers, but they certainly were/are better than anything we have to look forward to from dumb and dumber.

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    Any one else gonna really miss Dale A.

    Jack (Otto-WAH) Edwards and Andy (doofus) Brickley are the two most ANNOYING announcers ever in the history of broadcast sports. Just SHUT UP and call the game. Nobody cares about your innane opinions, and idle chatter. Watch old reruns of games that Fred and Derek worked. Fred called the game as it was progressing, and Derek kept quiet until a break in the action. They didn't chat with each other about crap no one cares about. This seem to be a trend in all hockey broadcasts.

    Hocky is a tough enough sport to follow on TV, if not called right, so this is my advice to all hockey broadcasters: SHUT UP AND CALL THE GAME!! SAVE THE CHIT CHAT FOR A BREAK IN THE ACTION.

    P.S. as much as I liked Fred, Bob Wilson was the best!

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    Any one else gonna really miss Dale A.

    Sorry Pablo, but I completely disagree with you about DAY-ULL. You probably like Costiglione doing the Red Sox too, eh?

    Regardless, count me as another longtime B's fan (40+ years) who absolutely loathed Dale Arnold's pixie-ish play-by-play. We've gotten used to so much better around here, Dale simply didn't match up to the likes of Hockey Hall of Fame announcers Bob Wilson (THE best B's announcer ever, by far) and Fred Cusick.

    Having said that, I agree that Edwards was an atrocious choice to succeed Dale...listen and watch closely come October as Edwards insists on calling TV games as if they were on radio. That's a basic play-by-play "no-no", the very kind of thing they teach young would-be sports broadcasters at the New England School of Broadcasting and the like. But somehow Edwards can't resist the sound of his own voice and somehow, the incompetents who run NESN overlooked this aspect of Edwards work during their hiring process.

    SOLUTION: WBZ's Dave Gaucher is one of the rising stars on Boston's sports broadcasting scene. Turn down the sound on NESN and give him a try at may be pleasantly surprised. Gaucher's professional, informed, exciting and has a great voice for hockey. And with very little hype. In an ideal world, Gaucher would be simulcasting all B's games on NESN and WBZ.

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    Any one else gonna really miss Dale A.

    Hazel's a welcome distraction at times, but she offers little insight/knowledge which is probably why she didn't get the job at ESPN a couple of years ago.