Be glad the bruins suck!

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    Be glad the bruins suck!

    See what happens to a team that is good? First poor Buffalo loses Briere & Drury, and now Edmonton tries to steal Thomas Vanek with an offer sheet of 50 Million over 7 years.

    Buffalo says they will match the offer. I guess they can't afford to give up any more players.

    If Buffalo didn't match, Edmonton would have owed them 4, 1st round draft picks. Pretty steep.

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    Be glad the bruins suck!

    yeah, it sucks that Buffalo can be on the brink of extinction from the NHL, then revive from the dead with some great players, only to see them leave for the $$$$$. I don't blame Buffalo for not matching the offers. The money these two got is insane, and neither of them are worth it. Unfortunately, the players do what the players do, and go for the best money. Loyalty is gone. Buffalo seemed to have a great fan base and a great team, and I hope that continues. They just need to find a few players now. I hope they do, because the fans in Buffalo are passionate about their teams.