Bergeron over Kessel?

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    Bergeron over Kessel?

    Why would you choose to pay Bergeron and not Kessel? And I don't want to hear that he didn't want to play in Boston. If we paid him he would have stayed.Should have dumped Bergeron.
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    Re: Bergeron over Kessel?

    Bergeron is currently in year 4 of 5-year deal, so its not like the B's chose to extend him over Kessel.  Are you suggesting that the B's should have traded Bergeron to free up the money for Kessel?  They did chose to extend Krejci, Lucic, Thomas and not Kessel, you could also make that case as well.

    It is clear that the Bruins didn't want this guy, for whatever reason.  Too bad because he was the only high-caliber finisher that they had.  PC was able to get very good value by trading him, that's why the B's need to hold onto their picks. 
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    Re: Bergeron over Kessel?

    Its pretty clear.

    Bergeron is a Selke calibre defensive forward.  He is also tough as nails.  Tough does not equal fighting.  He finishes all of his checks and he consistently takes hits to make plays.  He is a good passer of the puck and is reasonable as a finisher.

    The ONLY area in which Kessel is better is putting the puck in the net.

    Universally in the hockey world, Patrice Bergeron is incredibally highly thought of. It speaks volumes that he was chosen by one of the greatest leaders in the history of hockey (Steve Yzerman) to be on the Olympic team over the many, many great players that did not make the team.

    But of course, you must know more than they do.
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    Re: Bergeron over Kessel?

    Not even close.. Put it this way.. Kessel wouldn't make Team canada if he was Canadian.. Bergy did.. I will take a two way player over a one dimensional player any time of the day.. and he is cheaper to boot..
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    Re: Bergeron over Kessel?

    I agree with you regarding Bergy over Kessel.  Different type of players, to be sure,  but Bergy can/should bring a lot more to the table.

    Having said that, what is up with him this year?

    Compare the stats:
    Bergy has:
    12 Goals, 21 Assists (leads the Bruins) and currently a -2 in 48 games

    Kessel has:
    18 Goals, 16 Assists and currently -3 in 45 games.

    So Bergy has been on the ice for 1 less goal than Kessel and Kessel has 1 more point, even though the Bruins are a much better defensive team, more talented then the Leafs and have superior goaltending.

    The numbers don't stack up well in Bergy's favor this year.

    However I can answer this for you.  Julien suffocates skilled players and they end up playing below their ability within his system.
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    Re: Bergeron over Kessel?

    LMAO Yes i would take bergy in a second and i think any gm in the league would to. Whoever started this post needs to start watching some hockey.
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    Re: Bergeron over Kessel?

    LRH - if you factor in styles, you gotta factor in that the Leafs are more wide-open offensive team.  Also need to factor in roles on the team - Kessel is supposed to be the engine that drives that offense.  Ideally, Bergeron is the shutdown centre who can lead a line that will outscore the opposition's top players head-to-head.  When I look at Bergeron's scoring, given all the Bruins' scoring problems, I wonder where Kessel's been, not Bergeron.

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    Re: Bergeron over Kessel?

    It's not about Bergeron over Kessel.   We could have had both.   And Kessel is a hell of a lot better than most of the $4M a year players on the Bruins.

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    Re: Bergeron over Kessel?


    Bergeron - "COMPLETE" player, does it all, even beats up Canadiens! Look at the list of "ELITE" centers in the NHL (then look at their salary) that were not chosen to play for Canada, Bergy WAS! What does that tell you?

    Kessel - scores goals (streaky)- yes, defensive - nope, physical - nope, playmaker - average, heart - questionable at best.

    The B's did want to sign him, but had a "Value" limit. At this point we do have some good player with bad value, we don't need anymore, hence, bye bye Kessel.