Blake Wheeler exposed

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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

    what a bs thread.  Yeah, Wheeler exposed.

    We need Wheeler to fight more.  What a joke.
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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

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    Wheels didn't pull a Crowder did he? Remember when Nilan was standing over him & Crowder was in the fetal position? That was the most embarrassing moment as a Bruin fan. Last yr when Big George was chasing Lucic. You know what Lucic said to George? I got this from a member of the Lucic family who flew with the airline I work for. He said. "George I'm not afraid of you, but coach told me unless you play close to my 15-20 min a game I'm not allowed to drop them with you." George has some class & he said "You gotta listen to your coach kid, but my coach told me to challenge you every time!" So, I think that Wheels & the rest have been told not to fight on every challenge. Look to see who it is & if it's somebody who gets 1/4 of your ice time don't take the chance. We have other guys that can take care of that. I didn't see exactly what Wheels did, but as long as he didn't drop to his knees & cover up, I don't have a problem with him just skating away. And if Wheels did check White in a bad way then he deserves a shot to the head! Thornton would be all over anyone who does the same thing.
    Posted by nitemare-38

    Sometimes, mind you, I wish the games were like the 70s.  Lucic would have to fight George. Under those thoughts, my heart says Lucic, but man George is not a good hockey player, he is a good fighter.  BTW thanks for the quotes, even if they may not be exactly true certainly that is what was perceived by most.  Nonetheless, George is a hockey player in actions similar to Thornton.  Lastly Wheels is not a fighter but yes he needs to stand up for his position on the ice.  Sometimes that means acting like Montador last year when he engaged in fights.  Struggle, wrestle and save face.  

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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

    No Wheleer's not going to become a fighter. I don't think anyone here claims otherwise. But newsflash: Getting into a fight and becoming a fighter are 2 different things.

    A good fight might just wake the kid up.

    He has no charisma. No passion. Nothing except an occasional hour of usefulness.
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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

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    Here's footage of what happened: At about 1:50 is a closer view of the exchange. I just looked at it again.  It really looks like Colton took Wheeler's helmet off then tried to shove him headfirst into the boards.  Maybe it just came out that way because of Wheeler's squirming.
    Posted by DrCC

    Just watched the clip. Yea, Wheels has to man up a little bit. Not saying to try & go toe to toe with Colton, but he could've at least tried to even grab his arm, or something. It looks like he just threw himself down to the ice.  I like Wheeler & I think he's going to be a great hockey player. He'll be an even better one if he shows a little bit of courage in that situation.  Wasn't as bad as some people made it out to be, but it still didn't look good. Especially when you're in your own barn.
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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

    Ahh White slipped then tried to draw a call! Wheeler could have done more this is true but I'd rather see him stay in and develop into the the good scorer he will become. Orr is a goon and knew Wheeler wouldn't fight him.
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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

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    Wheeler is never going to be a fighter, but that's a non-issue for a player with his skill.  For a guy who didn't play physically at all last year, the thing I was looking for this year was more of an acceptance of the hitting game and using his big frame to gain better position and work better along the boards.  He has a ways to go, but I've definitely seen improvement in the dirty areas from this kid.  It's the dedication to getting better that shows a player's character.  He doesn't need to drop the gloves to show he has heart for this team. If he decided to take on Orr, and got his clock cleaned (and oh, he would have), it would have been a very different story.  Does anyone remember when Joe Thornton took on Lindros a few years back?  He got destroyed, broke his cheekbone, and was out of the lineup for a while (I forget how long).  Sometimes, having too much of what people have termed here as "heart" hurts your team more than it helps.  I won't ever blame a guy like Wheeler for not going up against a goon like Colton - it's not heart... it's just stupidity. Some players grind, some players fight, others score goals, and while these parts are key to any NHL team, EACH player does not need to exhibit all 3. Finally, why is some Nashville dude imparting his wisdom about how to win on "us people"?  Maybe his franchise should win a Cup first before telling others how to do it...
    Posted by BruinsGM24

    Good post !

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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

    I was poed when I saw this, I knew there was no fight in Wheeler, that part is not his fault he is not a fighter end of story.

    What really poed me was that cj knew he was going to be retaliated on, we were up 3-0 and when it was Corr on the ice, Thornton should have been shipped out immediately. Corr went straight after Wh and had no other thought than to get him, I envisioned a bertuzzi-moore fiasco when Wheeler turned because Corr does not seem to fight within the code of fighters. (He used to) Corr was within his game in his actions, that is what is required, but cj should have responded accordingly with a fighter of his own. Even the biggest lamb in the herd needs a guard dog from the big bad wolf.
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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

    Wheeler is one of the consistently good elements of the team so far this season... let the fighters do the fighting, nothing wrong with walking away and taking the PP.
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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

    I understand your reaction, but also have to side with Wheeler.

    I played with tremendous heart during my hockey years, and was most often the captain of my team because of it, and I am only 5'9''. When someone tried to fight me, or start something physical I would chuckle and turn away. To many it would appear cowardly, but those that understand see it as intelligent. Wheeler has more things to worry about----such as putting the damn puck in the net far more often.

    Being physical can make you a great hockey player, but it isn't necessary - Wayne Gretzky
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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

    wayne gretzky? he fought & defended himself all the time thru his alter ego he named "dave semenko".... wheeler did the right thing as he did minutes before that when fingers went after him, after a goal mouth tie up,he turned & skated was orr that went over the edge,& the B,s got a 4 min PP
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    Re: Blake Wheeler exposed

    The fight:

    Seems to me that Orr's the coward here.  He jumped all over Wheeler, basically sucker punching him from behind -- or sucker-shoving, grabbing, and pulling him down.  How about a hard hit into the boards, an extra shove or three, then give Wheeler a little space to turn around and drop his gloves.  Who knows if he would or not, but he deserved a chance.

    The shove on White:

    When I saw it I couldn't believe they didn't call it.  I thought, Geez, that's a dirty move -- wouldn't expect it from Wheeler.  But the replay showed that White tried to dig his skates in to slow down, so Wheeler did what anyone else would do -- use White to slow himself down.  White then tripped.