Boston Bruins Uniform Project

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    Boston Bruins Uniform Project

    Hey B's fans.

    I've recently began putting together a Boston Bruins Uniform Project. This project will include a re-making of every jersey the Bruins have worn starting with the 1924-25 jersey and everything leading up to the present uniforms.

    It will have both a graphical and a historical evolution of the brown and gold to winnie the pooh jerseys to the RBK black and gold.

    I'm doing this because the Bruins have become much more popular lately, but some don't know about thier history. A jersey isn't just something that a team wears, it is their identity to the rest of the world.

    Here is the first one I made:

    The url should be up tomorrow. I will be going by decade and I hope to have the 1920's completed by the weekend. The Introduction to the Project is already up and running.

    I hope this arouses interest and it should be informative to any and all Bruins fans! I also hope that doesn't view this as spam, but another way for the Bruins to be represented and the passion that fans have for this team.
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    Re: Boston Bruins Uniform Project

    So the 1920's are finished! If you guys are interested please head over to I am working on the 1930's (even though they wore a uniform until 1931) and I'm hoping to get it up in a couple of weeks.

    Everything was drawn by hand except for the 1926-1931 Bruins logo. Credits at the bottom.

    Thanks guys :D