Boston Minnesota Nov 25

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    Boston Minnesota Nov 25

    Not sure why there were so many trolls & personal attacks on the last game thread but I suspect it'll be deleted soon.

    Anyway, Bruins played a mediocre game, Rask won the game pretty much single-handedly, and the 6 shots on goal after the 2nd period consisted of 2 shots by Bitz and 4 by defensemen.

    The forwards should be ashamed of themselves-- 3 or more open-net opporunities were even missed.

    As for the Lucic situation, a news search produced no new information but the little there is out there seems to confirm it's the knee. Sounds terrible but the McKenzie tweet did state that it was probably nothing. Of course, they can't know that until the docs take a look inside, so we wait.
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    Re: Boston Minnesota Nov 25

    Saying they played mediocre last night is putting it mildly.  Rask played great, Minny couldn't finish many great chances too.  The B's took way too many penalties and never got in a groove.

    Bitz had a strong game- and not just because of that goal.  He had the best chances of any F and played a good physical game, he had the hit of the night behind the Min net!

    Other threads have speculated a twisted knee for Looch-let's keep our fingers crossed!
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    Re: Boston Minnesota Nov 25

    Crossed they are...

    Seems to me Bitz has had a lot of good games. Last night he not only had the goal + the only 2 shots on net after the 2nd, but he was hitting like crazy, you're right.

    Anyone who saw that one hit knows exactly what you're talking about! Looch was battling for the puck and out of th blue comes the bulldozer.

    Looch and Bitz on the ice at the same time is just sick.

    But yeah, I think the forwards need to be ashamed after last night and so does almost everyone else who was on the ice. You might say the game was exciting for all the wrong reasons.
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    Re: Boston Minnesota Nov 25

    it's seems at times Ryder, Wheeler, Sturm and Recchi take the night off on the same night.Recchi and Savard had sweet set ups and whiffed or the puck jumped over there sticks. Bad freakin luck or rust or choke ?

    That Wideman penalty came at a bad time but I loved seeing Denise pummel that Clutterbuck who was getting under the Bruins skin all night. I feel allot better than I did after the Bruins loss to the Isles Stinger and BU allot better.

    The Bruins are 6 points back from The Pittsburgh Penguins. Gobble Gobble!