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I honestly don't understand.  What makes Versteeg so great after 2 20 goal seasons, especially when his numbers declined last season?  He's not that big, yes he was on a Stanley Cup team, his productivity in the playoffs saw a slight dip over the regulars season.  He was 6th in scoring on the team, behind Hossa who played 20 less games.  A valuable part of the Blackhawks, but I wouldn't call him a key player, and the Black Hawks also thought so. I'd say he has to turn in a few more good seasons before I would call Versteeg a proven NHL player. I could easily see his career following the pattern of a million other NHL guys, like Lee Stempniak, 27 goals one year and fading ever since.
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good point, the trade was made for one scoring prospect for another, i am sure the bruins felt like the got they got the more "NHL ready" player in the deal (thus bringing him to the bruins) and knew they may have given up a better overall prospect, but its not like versteeg blew up and is a franchise player, there are certainly far worse trades that could be analyzed and pointed at then that one for sure..