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Bruins 1st round philosophy

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    Bruins 1st round philosophy

    I really like Etem and Skinner for the Bruins pick this year.  Both these guys are dynamic players and have world class speed and finish.  I know their not the typical "Bruins" player, but I sure would give them a look.  The scouting report on them, courtesy of

    Emerson Etem, 6-0, 194, center, Medicine Hat Tigers

    With the draft set to be held in L.A., expect lots of attention to be focused on this Southern California native who currently ranks fourth in the WHL with 15 goals in just 21 games. Scout's Take: "He has world-class speed and is incredibly creative off the rush. He doesn't need a lot of room to make something happen." Second Take: "He has a great release [that makes him] a dynamic finisher."

    This is exactly the player Savard needs.

    Jeff Skinner, 5-10, 197, center, Kitchener Rangers

    One of the top scorers in the OHL, herearns raves as much for his consistently high energy level as his elite one-on-one skills. His size might scare off some teams, but given the success of other smaller players, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him go much earlier. Scout's Take: "He's like a wind-up toy. Turn his crank, send him over the boards and watch him go." Second Take: "He's an exciting player to watch. You'll be looking at another guy and he finds a way to grab your attention."

    'Elite skills', 'excitng player to watch'.  I'll take one!

    These are the kind of players management should be looking at this year.  Not gritty grinders who play fantastic D but couldn't finish on a traffic pylon.

    Cup teams have elite offensive talent on them.  And after this summer, their's no more excuses.  Pete, git'r dun.

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    Re: Bruins 1st round philosophy

    Seen Skinner play a few times this year and he's got great energy. Very talented and has a nose for loose pucks. Worth a look at the B's own 1st if it's at 10 or later.
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    Re: Bruins 1st round philosophy

    Yeah they might be good for mid 1st round or early 2nd round. Right now we have 5 picks in the top 42, and 6 picks in the top 100.
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    Re: Bruins 1st round philosophy

    i agree on the bruins changeing there whole team philosophy & not knowing much about these guys above but the reports sound like a good start....with the early pick i myself would love to see fowler thinking he could help the b,s offense from the blueline
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    Re: Bruins 1st round philosophy

    I don't know what happened to Nino Niederreiter in rankings as he is not listed in the top 30.  May be someone to look at if he is available.

    TSN Bob McKenzie has him ranked #8 in his Mid Season Report

    Good size at 6'2"  203 lbs LW
    Notes: He has emerged from WJHC as a potential top 10 selection. Regarded as perhaps the best offensive prospect the Swiss have ever produced. He has great size and strength to go with very quick hands and a strong shot. - International Scouting Services
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    Re: Bruins 1st round philosophy

    He would be my 3rd choice if Etem and Skinner were taken.  I saw him play at the prospects game.  Sick talent.  He's gonna be a monster.
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    Re: Bruins 1st round philosophy

    Can anyone name one Chiarelli draft pick in the 4 years the he has been here that is on the roster?
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    Re: Bruins 1st round philosophy

    Hey Norwood Chiarelli has only been here for 3 drafts, since he wasn't around in the 06 draft. Given Hamill's setbacks he won't be around Boston anytime soon. I don't like the pick either but with the way Colborne has progressed and how his potential looks I think his success makes up for Hamill's potential flop. Tommy Cross has been set back by injuries but he's played considerable time for BC when he's been healthy. You're not going to expect anybody but a first rounder to crack the lineup in the first 3 years of a draft, and even then if it's a project pick then it takes even longer. They've got some decent looking prospects, none with superstar potential except Colborne. Sauve and Arniel are looking better than they once did, but they're checking line potential. This year is the defining draft, not because of Toronto's pick, but our own pick and the second rounders we have. This draft is talented enough that we could hit big with any or all of our second rounders, which could make Chiarelli's bones as a drafter. The draft isn't a quick change to a franchise unless you're completely rebuilding and get several lottery picks. The usual time to judge the success of a draft is 5 years after it happens.

    Niederrieter wasn't on the list before because he wasn't a top 30 prospect until the World Juniors. That was his coming out party, where he showcased himself as a legitimate top 30, and possibly top 10-15 pick. He's been compared to Rick Nash because of his size and puck protection abilities. I don't envy Chiarelli's decision with our first rounder if any of those 3 prospects are available, as well as John MacFarland or Kirill Kabanov. There is a lot of top flight offensive potential available in the first round. If we do make the playoffs let's hope for a bottom seed for draft's sake, if we don't make the playoffs I'd rather have a lottery pick than just missing the playoffs.