bruins/ kovalchuk rumors yet again

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    Re: bruins/ kovalchuk rumors yet again

    There is NO incentive for Kovalchuck to sign an extension/new deal with the Bruins. Ain't happening.

    BUT there is an EXCELLENT chance the Bruins can get him for this season.

    So lets focus the discussion there.

    THAT will require
    a.)one roster player at least as good as Lucic/Wheeler/Krejci

    b.)PLUS a top prospect
    c.)PLUS a #1 pick (not the Toronto 2010). They have no interest in our bad contracts

    Thats the deal. And you take your chances on trying to sign Kovy after the season.  Lets at least frame this discussion to where the reality is.

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    Re: bruins/ kovalchuk rumors yet again

    Islamorada, Atlanta's Goaltending is young (eventually they'll be good) and the Thrashers are 27th or 28th in allowing shots per game 33.5 that doesn't help.

    Takes a great player to get one then we have puck possession. How many Stay at home defenders making 2mil to 4Mil a year could replace Chara ? I say allot are around the league.
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    Re: bruins/ kovalchuk rumors yet again

    SanDogBrewin Chara really does have swings in his game.  The teams inconsistent play undoubtedly has affected his play especially offensively but also physically. My questions were in regards to this year, the Bruins goaltending is not as special as many believe.  Chara is the stabilizing force around the net for both goalies. The defensive play in the zone would drop off considerably if he was traded imo.  That said, the young goaltenders in Atlanta are ready for a stabilizing force like Chara so I would agree Atlanta would certainly entertain the thought.  The inclusion of Bogosian in such a deal would certainly make losing Chara more palatable.  Atlanta would probably want the Bruins first in that case.