Bruins Make Horrid First Round Pick

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    Bruins Make Horrid First Round Pick

    Hey, most of us wanted some extra size on the team. A 6'5" guy can put on weight, especially given a couple years college. Whereas a 5'8" guy just isn't ever going to be big. With a 15 pick you're not likely to get a guy who's going to help you right away, I think he's a project and we'll just need to give him a few years before calling it a bad pick. Thornton took a while to grow into his frame, as do most big guys.

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    Bruins Make Horrid First Round Pick

    With all of the talk about defensemen who can move the puck quickly after the Wings cup win, I figured the B's would go after Del Zotto if he were still available.  Hopefully the Bruins scouts know more than I do and in a few years Colborne will turn out to be the better player.  If not I hope PC accepts my application to be the next Bruins scout :)
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    Bruins Make Horrid First Round Pick

    Yeah I can agree its way too early to make assumptions about him. He put up 90+ pts in 50+ games but he is in the alberta junior hockey league...much lower in competition then the OHL, WHL etc.

     You have to assume his numbers would not be anywhere close to this in a more competitive league...that being said his big frame (6'5'') makes him an appealing project.

    I guess my main gripe is that I want to see another Ray Bourque in Boston and there were about 5 of them that Boston could've traded up for.
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    Bruins Make Horrid First Round Pick

    Agreed imafan. Ive met Pierre a handful of times and usually always agree with his positions. Not this time...I know Florida wants to shore up that defense and build back the offense with youth and this years UFA crop...but two aging defenseman and a second round pick?

    The point is FLA wants help now on the blueline...and I think no other team would offer 2 solid veteran blueliners. Shame on other teams I say, Olli may be in the top five of natural goalscorers int he game today.

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    Bruins Make Horrid First Round Pick

    [Quote]First of all  most of you guys are all wishy washy. You guys complain that we draft a centerman which is not right he a left wing then cry because we didn't trade for a centerman. I think we should question why we didn't get Camerilla from LA for our 16 pick and why we didn't trade down to pick Colborne.I think the guy the bruins really wanted was Tuebert and when he was gone they went for size in joe.[/Quote]
    Stan Jonathon,
     Now that is a name that brings back some serious memories. I'll throw John Wensink in for fun.
     You are correct in that fans shouldn't be concerned with picking centers and that he will be a left wing. Many of the guys drafted will be switched to a wing. Just because they played C at the lower levels doesn't mean thats where they will play as they get closer to the NHL.
     It seems to me the Bruins should not be questioned for there moves right now rather than applauded. LUcic was a great 2nd round pick and the B's front office landing Wheeler for nothing is another great success.
     Most of these guys drafted this past weekend won't sniff the NHL for 3 years. Lucic is the acception as he surprised everyone after being drafted in "06". 
     Instead of being negative about possibly reaching for Colborne how about being ecstatic about the other 2 guys who were suposed to be picked higher but fell, Suave and Arniel. I think the B's had a good draft but we won't know for at least 3 maybe 4,5 years.
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    Re: Bruins Make Horrid First Round Pick

    In Response to Bruins Make Horrid First Round Pick:
    Most scouts I spoke with had him going somewhere around 20-25th.

    Posted by dhitch