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Bruins overtime..

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    Bruins overtime..

    This is horrible to watch...� Hey they lost tonight...� Look at the praise like we just kicked their butts... Hello... We are now a bubble team with the 8th seed...� AHH maybe some urgency... How the hell did the Habs get all those good hits,,, They are not supposed to be tough,, just quick... Man,, I hate losing to the Habs,, They were pushing us all around... I am glad they didnt get too hot and light us up... But hey,, I wanna know what happens now,, Do they play like this against the Leafs or go back to the lame crap they were playing before tonight......

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    Bruins overtime..

    I agree that you like to argue as opposed to discuss Chara.� Thedifference is you would come to the table with something to back upyour points instead of capping and bolding your words.

    I've said in this forum, I'm not a chara fan.� As I put it all thetime he is no Bourque nor Orr and I've been spoiled since I was akid.� But he sure as hell in his worse year than Gary Doak in hisbest.� This year he is easily in the top 4 defensemen in theleague.��