I haven't watched much of the Bruins this year,and probably shouldn't post this because of that, but will becaue I don't need to watch a game to say the following-and it needs to be said. I used to follow the Bruins, but stopped money years ago. The Bruins problem for the last dozen years is they don't have enough good players. They don't have enough good players because they don't spend enough to get good players. Since they have the ability to make themseles better by spending more, but don't choose to spend the money, I refuse to watch the Bruins, and I'll refuse to watch them this year. Right before the lockout, they finally had a good team, and I began to watch them again. The talent level of the team is back to its usual low state. The thing I'm sad about is not getting to watch Thornton who is a great player - I'd like to see what this guy Bergeron is about too. Also, the Bruins are on OLN, and I get that channel. Oh well.