Bruins Roster/Line ups

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    Bruins Roster/Line ups

    Can anyone let me know what they think what the Bruins roster will look like this year with the line's put together??????????? This should be Interesting!!

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    Bruins Roster/Line ups

    If julien can get the players to play up to their capabilitie, the bruins will be a .500 team barring injuries to key players.
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    Bruins Roster/Line ups


    Sturm Savard Murray

    Schaefer Bergeron Kobasew

    Bochenski Kessel Axelsson

    Thornton Mowers Reich/Chistov


    Chara Ference

    Ward Wideman

    Alberts Allen

    Those are what i think the lineups would look like if the season started tommorow. In order for the Bruins to succeed i feel like some trades must occur in order to free up cap space (Thomas,Toivonen, Axelsson, Kobasew). After this occurs we need to sign another top six winger and a solid defensemen. There are many options still available and PC should probalby get on that.

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    Bruins Roster/Line ups

    Sturm Savard Murray

    Schaefer Bergeron Bochenski

    Axelsson Kessel Kobasew

    Reich Krecji Thornton

    Is it just me, or does anyone else out there hate it when a lefty plays right wing (and vice versa)? You guys are right about developing in-house talent; that's the only way to win in the 21st-century NHL. But when was the last time the Bruins had a sure-fire goal-scoring prospect in the system? Seems like all their recent first-round choices have been D-men.

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    Bruins Roster/Line ups





    Spares : MOWERS & CHISTOV

    This configuration gives 2 very good scoring lines. Each has a guy willing to get his nose dirty in the corners (Schaefer & Bergeron}, set-up men (Savard & Sturm) and a trigger man (Murray & Kessel).

    The 3 rd line has 2 young offensive players who need ice time (Krejci & Bochenski) to show what the can do, and a defensive concience (Axelsson), to cover up their errors.

    The 4th line has three guys that nobody will have any fun playing against.

    The defence & goalies are pretty much set the way everyone has stated, except I see Lashoff taking one of the top 6 jobs away from Wideman.