All i am still numb and in the phase of denial.. yes..  All i can think of is 4 things in that stood out as to why we lost;

1. lack of talent or bad signings
2. coaching style or plan of attack and GM
3. character players , mentally weak
4. lack off leadership or passion

Like i said earlier, Briere is a bruins Killer ... entire series all you see is a FLYERS at the middle of ice in front of Tuka and no body from the organization picked up on any of that.  You know going in games 5 and 6 maybe even 4 gagne is going to be a threat and yet no one bothered to shawdow him.   You let Richards to that to your most offensive gifted player and no body bother to send a message, you preach discipline, god you feel the momentum shifting and you dont bother do anything to turn it around?  Your about to get eliminated a sense of urgency maybe? Oh and were was Lucic game 4 and 5 when we needed that spark.  I really dont blame the  players, its coaching and the ORG.  Someone should have went down to the locker room and gave the bruins players a RIPING of a new one to wake up they are comign after you when it was 3 to 1, sensing the shift of momentum and knowing they have so much cofidence. Oh and another issue i had, savard coming back, yes he got the lucky shot in game 1.. but he is not in playoff shape and he has no talent up front with him or atleast there were no line shifting that allowed him to connect with anyone, coaching issue there.  Give credit to FLYERS players and coaching, they knock out our best offesive player and got into our heads... Briere and Carcillo on Bitegate.

So as far as next year,  i really do not think this 1 round signing of Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguis going to be a major impact or propel us back to the estern conf title let alone a CUP.   Why?  The GM continues to sign bad players and Coaching style /plan.  Oh dont foget, becuase the bubbling Bruins made history will linger and be known through out the league that lost it 4 in a row while being up 3 games.  The entire league will now know how mentally week or bad coaching this team is which equates to questioning themselves and down ward spiral of doubt/negativity themselvs and each other.  If i was recchi i woundnt sign with Bruins.. i dont want to associated with a Mentally weak team.  Ok maybe in 3 to 5 years i say we come out of this mess.