Bruins vs Toronto

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    Bruins vs Toronto

    Okay guys, Enough is enough. The only reason the B's lost the other night was because of Belfour. Simple as that. He stood on his head and then some.

    Yes the team made some errors, Leetch and Sammy leading the way. But the season is still young and our young guys are still learning. Sure it sucks we haven't beaten anyone in our division, but it will come in time.

    I posted in another discussion that I would like to see Joe play a little nastier like a couple of years ago and would love to see Glen drive the net when he has the puck. He pulled up the other night and peeled off to the side instead of using his speed and size and going to the net hard.

    This is not a knock but just an observation, but the B's don't seem to play with a lot of intensity. They don't finish checks or seem to want to play any type of physical play. What do you guys think? Now this is not saying that some do though.

    I'm new here and Canadian at that. But I agree with some of the old guys from here. Lets keep it positive, but at the same time lets allow everyone to post their thoughts.

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    Re: Bruins vs Toronto

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    Huscroft, thanks for the compliments and the post. The lack of them finishing their checks is a knock on them. I'm not sure why they don't. Guys like Isbister and Scatchard and Green and Fitz and even Joe for that matter should be finishing them as long as they don't take themselves out of the play. I live in Ontario and really hate the Leafs. Probably one of the very few; but I will give that team credit for finishing their checks and taking control of the game from a physical point of view. I would of loved to see Boynton pay back Lindros for dropping him like a lame duck the other night. As I post this OUR Bruins are up 3 - 1 on Carolina...... LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO BRUINS
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    What is your prediction tonight?