B's offered Orr 10% ownership

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    B's offered Orr 10% ownership

    In response to "Gung-ho" comment under "other" topic "Bruins apologize...":

    The Bruins offered Orr 10% ownership. It's good to be "gung-ho", but it's even more important to be ACCURATE, to wit...it wasn't the Bruins or Harry Sinden who were responsible for Orr leaving the Bruins, it was Orr's unscrupulous agent 's fault. "The Eagle" chose not to relay the Bruins offer of 10% team ownership to Orr. Orr knew nothing about the Bruins offer until years later. Russ Conway of the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune broke this story (with information provided by Orr) a few years ago, check it out online sometime.

    The Bruins made Orr an offer that was unheard of at the time (and even today for that matter): the B's offered Bobby Orr 10% of Bruins team ownership. That's right, 10%...do you know what that offer would be worth to Orr today? Around $20 million. The offer was made through Orr's since jailed player agent, Alan Eagleson, who never relayed the offer to Orr because it flew in the face of what Eagleson was trying to accomplish at the time with the NHL Players Association. Orr was the unwitting victom of a classic clash of interests. This negative experience at the hands of Eagleson is reportedly one of the reason's Bobby is a player agent today.

    Eagleson, aka "The Eagle", recently finished out his 5-year (approx.) jail sentence in Canada for all kinds of improper handling of NHLPA finances. Also, Eagleson was also forced to resign from the Hockey Hall of Fame after he was found to be an out and out thief. Orr, Bucyk, Park and many other retired players showed up at Eagleson's trial to make sure the whole story got heard, also to counteract the Eagleson character reference offered up during the legal proceedings by the esteemed Philadelphia Phliar Bobby Clarke. UNreal.).

    We were all gung-ho back in the day of the Orr-fueled "Big, Bad Bruins", but there's no need to embellish it by trying to blame the Bruins or Harry Sinden when they in fact did the right thing, incredible as that may seem now. Knowng what we knew back then, we were right to feel that way (appalled, saddened and embittered to see Orr wind up signing anywhere but Boston). Orr signed with Chicago where he played less than 40 games over 3 seasons (note: he never played against the Bruins), and admirably/incredibly refused to cash a single paycheck from the Black Hawks because he knew the Hawks weren't getting the player they expected.

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    B's offered Orr 10% ownership

    In my mind he never left. wish orr and park had played together for a full season

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    B's offered Orr 10% ownership

    Correction: Orr offered 18% ownership before he left, but his crooked, unethical agent, Alan Eagleson (also the head of NHLPA...) didn't have Bobby's best interests in mind, and never told him about the offer. A pity.