I think that's the point in whether any rookies besides Seguin make the team.  How the rfa's pan out.  If Wheeler signs, then there's no room for anyone else.  Need to get Campbell signed and seems to me we have a pretty decent 4th line wiht Marchand getting the likely call if/when injuries come up.  We'd need a winger if we don't resign Wheeler or get get one if we trade him, Savvy, or Thomas (here's hoping we keep everyone we have) and that' where Caron could make the team if he has a strong camp.  But Colborne could play wing as well although I think you keep guys at their natural positions to get the most of their potential, so we'll see. 
There's no way we sign Wheeler to a deal for 2m.  He's not taking a paycut from last year just because he didn't have the same numbers as his first year, developing guys hit snags but it's pretty rare to go down in salary so have to assume he's getting at LEAST 3m.  I DO think his numbers will improve back to 20-25 goals though but with our lineup depth, I think it's safe to say we have few guys with huge years and more likely a number of guys who could hit 20g but not a lot more.