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    Looks like both Seidenburg and Stuart should be available for the next game....with the Bruins down to 5 defensemen against the leafs what a predicament...more ice time for Wideman and worst they pulled off the win I'm still not sure... must be spelled RASK....but win they did and way to the way "roadwarrior"...HA HA HA HA HA can go golfing with the rest of the Leafs!
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    Re: D-Men

    Lets not get too cocky saulont our Bruins have a tough schedule ahead with a bang up d fence. Two games with WSH in WSH this will be the acid test and answer my question if they get swept in the first rd or playoff ready. Toronto plays PHL and NYR this week what do I want TO upsetting them both or better pick. Right now I will like to see an upset. I am not a TO fan but maybe these two gms I can bear it.
    The positive part the Bruins play better on the road! 3 13 3 since winter classic pretty bad for home record.