In Response to Re: Draft Combine starts today in Toronto:
In Response to Re: Draft Combine starts today in Toronto : Just fyi, Chiarelli didn't draft Jonsson, Toivenen or Lashoff. And Hamill was part of a poor draft class. And the combine is far from a joke. You don't draft someone solely because of how they do in testing. But if you're making an investment of time, money and energy in some 18-year-old kid, don't you want to know as much as possible about him, mentally, physically, emotionally? You send your scouts out to watch these kids play. You interview them at their homes and get to know their families. And you see them perform under scrutiny and pressure at the combine. ALL are factors in determining whether you use a pick on him. Some of us find this stuff fascinating. Some of us follow Junior prospects, pay attention to the combine, watch the draft, follow our picks through the minors. And there are fans who only care when the guys show up in Boston. You follow the team your way, allow those of us who are more involved to do so our way, OK?
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I never said Chiarelli drafted Jonsson.

The whole TV event and live combine blog on TSN is an event made from nothing.

A bunch of little kids did push ups.  Great.  Move on.